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Live Streaming for Marketing Professionals Amidst COVID-19

Live streaming for marketing professionals is not a new idea. It is something that marketers have done for several years now and engaged consumers in a variety of different ways. However, now more than ever, amidst COVID-19, live video streaming for marketing campaigns represents an immediate, and authentic way for brands to connect with consumers and engage. In fact, 28% of branding professionals are investing more into live video streaming, and household terms like COVID-19, coronavirus, and social distancing are likely to cause an even greater spike in the number of live streaming marketers that are seeking to connect with consumers while abiding by social distancing guidelines.

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Live Streaming Statistics

Not sure live streaming is the right option for your marketing agency? Consider the following live streaming statistics as they pertain to the marketing industry as a whole:

  • Nearly 50% more people live stream now versus 1 year ago.
  • By 2024, studies estimate there will be 91M live streaming users online.
  • 80% of consumer audiences report greater interest in live stream versus written content.
  • In 2019, live streaming videos accounted for more than 1.1 billion hours online.
  • Poorly produced video content, including live streams, impacts that judgement of 62% of consumers who state they would have a negative perception of a brand that published low-quality video.
  • The addition of video content, including live stream video, improves conversion rates on a landing page or website page by 80%.
  • Live stream video increases the likelihood of a purchase by as much as 64%.
  • Nearly 75% of businesses that utilize live stream report positive ROI.

How Marketers Can Use Live Stream Video

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Marketers have several opportunities to incorporate live stream video into their daily operations. As marketers seek new ways to connect with audiences without face-to-face interactions and while increasing social distance, live streaming for marketing agencies becomes more prominent than ever.

In fact, successful marketers are using live stream video in various ways, coming up with new and exciting ideas all the time. Some of the most popular applications of live streaming for marketing agencies, both during COVID-19 and when an outbreak is not impacting daily decisions, include:

  • Using live video Question and Answer sessions between the brand and the audience.
  • Including customer support via live stream.
  • Providing customer Question and Answer sessions via live stream.
  • Providing major announcements to customers or employees via live stream.
  • Introducing new products via live stream.
  • Providing upper level interviews via live stream. (this includes CEO, and CFO interviews)
  • Hosting live streams between bloggers or partners that are affiliated with the brand.
  • Live streaming marketing events.
  • Live streaming behind-the-scenes tours and glimpses into how the marketing operations run at an agency level.

Ready to Get Results with Live Stream for Marketers?

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Are you ready to make an impact with live stream for your marketing agency? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call at 888-462-7808! We’ll help you stream quality video that will engage your audience and bring them closer to your brand. From strategizing and filming to distribution, Beverly Boy Productions can guide your live streaming strategy to success.

Whether you’re initiating live streaming for your marketing agency in order to reduce face-to-face contact during the COVID-19 outbreak, or you’re interested in a long-term solution that will connect you with consumers regardless of economic climate or world health, Beverly Boy Productions is here to support your live streaming efforts. We can’t wait to build a live video streaming strategy for your marketing firm that connects with your audience and delivers an exceptional experience for those interested in your brand.

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