Funeral Live Streaming Services in San Paulo

Funeral Live Streaming Services 

During this time of a global pandemic and uncertainty, it can be challenging to plan funerals where everyone can be present. You want your circle to be together to say their goodbyes but things like job issues, scheduling conflicts, and even illness may prevent this from happening. When it comes to funeral live streaming services in San Paulo, this may be the best way to connect your loved ones through their grief so everyone can be present for the service.  


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This technology provides the option of staying home when you have no other choice but still allows you the chance to pay your respects. For grieving families, it can be hard to think of not being present in the “goodbye” so live streaming services could be the best option for your loved ones who will be able to attend by phone or laptop. 

Live Streaming Funerals Connect Grieving Families

People end up around the globe for a number of reasons, from marriage to jobs and families are often found all over the world. When this happens, technology is often the “glue” that keeps them close and connected and this is especially true when families end up facing the grief of a lost loved one. 

Live stream technology has been in use for over 20 years but only 20% of funeral homes currently use it for services. It’s typically been used for concerts and sporting events but it can provide peace for those who are grieving and simply can’t make it home for the funeral. 

Global Reach For People Dealing With Loss 

Funeral live streaming services in San Paulo offers a global reach for families and friends who are dealing with loss and who are spread far across the nation with no way of being together at the service. It allows for connection despite distance, which can be beneficial during this time.   

Funeral Live Stream Laptop   

Benefits Found In Funeral Live Streaming

If you and your loved ones are dealing with grief at this time, you can all attend the service in some way, whether it’s via live stream or in-person. A live stream can be private so that it’s only you and your loved ones attending over a closed network. Funeral live streaming services in San Paulo are beneficial for these reasons below:   

  • Through live stream platform chat features, you can be in touch with your friends and family who are attending remotely like you.
  • Live stream services can be recorded. Sometimes it helps grieving individuals to go back to moments from the service to remember special things about their loved one or moments that brought peace.
  • If you have loved ones across the globe, it may be hard to plan a quick funeral, which for some religious faiths, is very important. Live streaming can make it simple for you and yours.
  • Attending a funeral is important for the grieving process. While attending in person isn’t always possible, it could be helpful to attend via live stream to allow you to pay your respects.
  • Young children may not be able to understand grief just yet. As a parent, you may want to go to the funeral but know it’s best to keep the kids at home. In this case, you can be present via live stream while avoiding exposure to tragedy at this time for your little ones.  


At Beverly Boy Productions, we can provide the service you need for funeral live streaming services in San Paulo, Brazil so you can stay close to your loved ones despite distance at this time. We know that this isn’t easy to discuss or plan for but our team is here to help you with the hard stuff. Please let us know if you need our support. Call us today!

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