Funeral Live Streaming Services in Durban

Funeral Live Streaming Services 

One of the biggest challenges with the limit on gatherings and social distancing issues is the fact that it can be hard to have all of your family present at a funeral for a deceased loved one. Whether you’ve lost a friend or family member to the virus or other tragic circumstances, it’s not easy to be far from the ones you love and unable to attend the service. While it may not be the same, the option of funeral live streaming services in Durban is helping many friends and family feel some measure of peace through the ability to be present at the live stream.    

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Live streaming technology can reach anyone at any time so although loved ones may not be close, the option to connect on their phones or tablets and be present for the service can do a lot to provide comfort for family and friends who are grieving a death. 

Live Streaming Funerals Connecting Families

Life before COVID-19 meant a lot of global travel, families growing and spreading around the country, jobs taken abroad, and love found in distant locations, which is why many now find themselves far from home during this time. Technology has always been a factor in keeping loved ones close and it’s everything now. 

Live stream technology has been used for everything from concerts to weddings over the past 20+ years but it’s been more recent that funeral homes have begun to offer this service. What do you think about the use of live streaming at memorial services? While the initial idea may seem inappropriate, it can actually help your family in many ways which we’ll explore further below. 

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Global Reach For Those Who Are Mourning

Funeral live streaming services in Durban can be seen anywhere. The global reach offered by this type of technology means you can reach all of your family members and friends, no matter where they may be located. This can be important for those who are dealing with grief. 

Benefits Found In Funeral Live Streaming

A live stream funeral can be a private affair reserved only for you and yours, as it should be. Streamed over a closed network, you don’t have to worry about more people viewing the service. Funeral live streaming services in Durban provide the following benefits:

  • If your kids are small, consider using live stream services so that you can attend the funeral while you keep your kids away from the overwhelming grief that your family or friends may experience at the service.  
  • Live stream footage can be recorded. It may be helpful for your grieving process to go and look back at the service. It can also be beneficial should you have family or friends who were unable to make it to the service.    
  • If you’re attending remotely, you may want to talk to your family and friends who are as well through a chat feature on the live stream platform. This ensures that you all receive the support you need at this time. 
  • A funeral can be important during times of grief, as it helps you say your goodbyes to the deceased loved one. Being present—even if it’s just digitally—for the service can go far in helping you heal from your grief
  • If your faith requires a quick funeral, you may not have much time to wait for friends and family who live far away. A live stream service could be ideal in this times. 

We know that discussing the ins and outs of a funeral and funeral live streaming services in Durban, South Africa isn’t something you look forward to doing. But, we also know how important it is for you. Our team at Beverly Boy Productions is here to provide the reliable and discreet service that makes a difference. Call us today to find out how we can help you through this time.

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