Choosing & Hiring the Best Live Streaming Service for International Events

Choosing & Hiring the Best Live Streaming Service for International Events

Whether you’re hosting a conference, entertainment event, product launch, or experiential event, the decision to take it International has a wealth of benefits for your brand. However, anything that involves International broadcasting also comes with potential downfalls associated with differences in time, potential communication barriers, and a variety of other concerns. You definitely don’t want to find yourself dealing with additional challenges with your production crew which is why it’s important to hire the best live streaming service for International events.

Hiring the best live streaming service for international events does come with some potential caveats, though. Not only do you have to make sure that you have the details of your project in mind ahead of the hiring process, you also need to know a bit about what it takes to produce a professional live stream in order to ensure effective hiring of an international live streaming production crew. Fortunately, we’re here to help out with that process. 

Be Open About Your Budget

One of the best tips we can provide for those who are considering live streaming services is to be open with the professionals you screen about your budget. This is the easiest way, from the start, to determine whether or not a particular live streaming production crew is, or is not, within your budget. Rather than wait until the very end to discuss budget and pricing, be open about what you can and cannot afford upfront! This means, knowing what you can, and cannot afford, upfront!

If you haven’t already planned out your budget for a particular event that you’re interested in livestreaming internationally, now is the time to do that, first. Before you begin to screen professionals for the job. Before you decide on who to hire and why. You need to know what you can afford, personally, for the project.

Ask About Experience

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Don’t just take what you see online, but ask! Sometimes when it comes to finding the best live streaming service for international events there’s more to the screening process than your typical questions about local live streaming. You need to know, without a doubt, that who you hire to produce the livestream understands the various nuances of live streaming internationally. This means you need to hire a professional that understands the importance of streaming localization or, in short, streaming in different viewing areas.

Not only will there be technical components involved such as changing the landing page where your video is housed based on the audience that you’ll be targeting internationally, but there will be needs related to the perspectives of international audiences which change from one viewing locale to the other. Just think about it, you’re going to broadcast differently to an English-speaking, American audience than you would to a Mandarin-speaking Taiwan audience or a Cantonese-speaking China audience. These nuances must be understood by your production crew.

Discuss Geo-Specific Details

If you’ve never hosted an international live stream before, you probably won’t know what to really consider, but working with the best live streaming service for international events should give you some insight. Ask the professionals that you consider for the job about geo-specific details related to specific restrictions in broadcasting, or the need to implement additional layers of privacy protection or security along the way. An experienced professional will understand the importance of blocking-access in countries or areas where you wish to keep your footage private while white-listing or providing access in other areas.

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Prepare for Currency Conversions 

Another major consideration that you’ll have to make when hiring international streaming services is currency conversions if you intend to charge for access to your event or if you intend to make sales from within the event platform. Hiring a professional crew that understands the nuances of working internationally will likely be a better choice when it comes to these types of situations merely because they’re going to know and consider these important factors that may otherwise be overlooked if you hire just any production crew for the job.

Currency conversions are important to integrate into the paywall so that viewers of your international stream know what to expect and what costs are being incurred along the way. This will eliminate confusion among your audience reducing risk for future chargebacks or potentially causing a negative viewer experience. 

As you can see, when it comes to hiring the best live streaming service for international events, there are actually several major considerations to be made ahead of the hiring process. It’s important to ask questions, particularly those relative to international event hosting, to ensure that the production crew that you choose to work with comes prepared to assist you with your project and to provide a top-quality viewer experience that reflects positively on your brand.

If you’re looking for the best live streaming service for international events, you’re likely to come across Beverly Boy Productions in your search and for good cause. With international production crews, we know a thing or two about broadcasting outside of our local viewing area, and with more than two decades of production experience, we bring incredible value to your live stream project whether you’re broadcasting locally, nationally, or internationally. 

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