How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Lakeland Video Production Company?

Are you curious How Much Does it cost to Hire a Lakeland Video Production Company? Professional video production services in Lakeland are undoubtedly a potent marketing instrument in use today. They are interactive, amusing, and user-friendly. It’s not shocking to discover that 68% of consumers would rather learn about products or services through a short video than through text. Video marketing is indispensable in the current scenario. Whether you seek high-quality, cheap, inexpensive, or affordable video production in Lakeland, virtually every organization can leverage it.

Video content is crafted to keep your target audience in focus, which can be advantageous when selecting the video that aligns perfectly with your enterprise. A firm may wish to broadcast live stream video to display a product. Conversely, a firm could employ social media videos and develop high-definition promotional videos to publicize its services. Our services also extend to cities like Bartow, Winter Haven, and Auburndale.

There’s a plethora of Lakeland video companies to pick from. Multiple video production methods are developed to disseminate information to potential customers and solidify existing ones. In essence, a top-quality Lakeland video production company can support you in generating compelling content aligned with your organization’s objectives and aspirations.

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Lakeland Video Production Rates

What you invest in your video hinges on a few factors: the duration of your video and how you decide to produce it. Fundamentally, Lakeland video production rates fluctuate depending on its length and the requisite production services for bringing it to life.

Consider corporate explainer videos. This type of video can be handy if you need to elucidate ideas, clarify concepts, rectify misunderstandings, and create a video for a specific audience. An organization can effortlessly hire a video production company in Lakeland to construct an explainer video that aids in “explaining” a challenge and how their product or service can solve it. We also offer services in cities like Plant City, Lake Wales, and Haines City!

Explainer videos require five services to materialize your vision: storyboard/animatics, audio balancing, scriptwriting, voiceovers, and editing/design. Given the assortment of services that can be part of the production process, the price of a 60-second video will be somewhat different from a 5-minute video. Additionally, an explainer video may need diverse equipment compared to a customer or employee testimonial. Video production rates in Lakeland typically hinge on the type of video you craft and its duration.

Lakeland Video Production Costs

Even though it’s common to be invoiced for half-day and full-day rates, for your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of per-hour prices to consider when budgeting for your video. Production prices can also be deliberated while working with your video production company. (Remember that we offer free quotes!)

Lakeland Production Company Pricing Sheet:

  • Video Director: $27/hour to $260/hour
  • Script Writer/Marketer: $63/hour to $160/hour
  • Video Editor: $64/hour to $185/hour
  • Cameramen: $30/hour to $411/hour
  • Actors/Presenters: $56/hour to $514/hour
  • Narrators/Voice Overs: $107 to $415
  • Equipment: $33/hour to $115/hour
  • Studio Shooting: $109/hour to $415/hour
  • B-Roll: 19% to 59% in addition to shooting costs
  • Audio Files: $39 to $1,017
  • Video Rendering: $40/hour to $90/hour
  • Miscellaneous Fees: $111 to $1,020

Hiring The Right Lakeland Video Company

So How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Lakeland Video Production Company? Typically, the price range for video production can hover between $1000 and $5000 per finished minute. This is a decent price to bear in mind as you strategize for budgeting. We also service zip codes like 33801, 33803, and 33805.

We comprehend that engaging the right video company can be daunting. Fortunately, professional video production companies don’t have to strain your budget. At Beverly Boy Productions, we craft top-tier videos with your company’s triumph as our priority. We collaborate with our clients at every phase (pre-production, production, and post-production) to guarantee you’re Hiring the Right Lakeland Video Company.

Various types of video production services:

  • Camera crews
  • Corporate video
  • Event videography
  • Live streaming
  • Product videos
  • Television broadcast
  • TV commercial production
  • Internet video production
  • Testimonial videos
  • B-Roll

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So, How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Lakeland Video Production Company? To unearth more particulars or receive a solid Lakeland video production quote, connect with us today. Team Beverly Boy boasts years of experience so we can efficiently assist you with a rate card, giving you a clue about what your video will cost. Feel free to dispatch us an RFQ or RFP, and we can revert with figures. We eagerly await assisting you with your imminent project! Reach out to us today!

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