Video Production for Home Warranty Providers

For home warranty providers, a robust housing market and vibrant economy as well as lower than average claims requests and increased premiums have caused significant revenue gains over the past several years and, while there is the expectation for growth in this $4 billion dollar industry to slow, some continued gains are likely. Most of the 83 home warranty providers in the United States offer warranties on things like plumbing and general appliances, heating & air condition, electrical panel & wiring, or other systems within the home. Video production for home warranty providers educates target audiences, builds up community awareness of products & warranty services, and encourages homeowners to choose a particular provider for their home warranty needs or repairs.

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Beverly Boy Productions provides many different types of video content for home warranty providers including marketing & promotional style videos, and confidence boosting interview videos, but we can also work one-on-one with your business to create expert video training programs that will save your firm time & money while improving internal operations and organization within your team.

Promotional Videos for Home Warranty Providers

Promoting your home warranty services to current & soon-to-be homeowners and property owners is an important step in your marketing & advertising process that must not be overlooked. Consumers spend more than 100 minutes per day engaging in video content online and 90% say they want to see more video from brands & businesses they are interested in (that’s you!). If you’re not actively promoting your home warranty business across social media, your website, and other channels with promotional videos that encourage your target audience to convert, you’re potentially missing out on huge opportunities.

Using video to promote your home warranty services to builders, homeowners, would be homeowners, and to contractors in the HVAC, electrical, and those that repair various other systems that your home warranty products cover is vital to building your audience, generating up to 66% more qualified leads each year, and boosting your revenue gains by 49% or more annually for your brand.


Marketing Videos for Home Warranty Providers

Marketing video production for home warranty providers prepares your audience for the next steps in the process of finding, choosing, and working with your home warranty business. At each important stage of the consumer journey, your marketing videos are going to:

  • Engage the target audience and encourage them to continue to learn about & carefully consider your home warranty services. Video is the most engaging type of content on social media & on your website or third party advertising locations.
  • Educate your audience so that they understand your products & services, the benefits & value your business can provide, and the importance of having a home warranty that meets their needs.
  • Entice your audience into considering your services & taking the steps necessary to ensure that their home is protected by a warranty that is going to meet their unique needs.

Marketing videos can display the benefits & value of a home warranty, the mission & key features of your home warranty provider services, and the stories, success, and significance of your brand.

Training Videos for Home Warranty Providers

Keeping your entire team, including any new employees that you bring onto your home warranty team, as well as your sales & marketing team, abreast of any important internal operations, skills and services that all employees must have is absolutely essential to your growth. Training video production for home warranty providers, including the creation of expert content that showcases the day-by-day tasks and key operations of your sales & marketing team will help you grow without interrupting your existing team members and jeopardizing their time & money.

As a home warranty provider, you can use training videos for a variety of purposes, but more importantly are the many benefits that training videos can offer your business including:
Reduced total training time.

  • Improved knowledge of training materials.
  • Increased information retention.
  • Cross-team referencing & consistency no matter how many people are trained.
  • Ongoing training for each new employee hired without incurring ongoing training costs.

In short, training videos are going to save your home warranty business money & time allowing you to focus more on tasks that are going to drive industry specific profits for your business. How can you possibly go wrong?

Interview Videos for Home Warranty Providers

Video content provides a welcome opportunity for you to share with builders, homeowners, and contractors the most valuable experience & expertise that you and your team bring to the table in order to close more warranty coverage deals, get more contracts signed, and build confidence among would-be customers that are somewhere further away from conversion along your customer’s journey.

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Interview video production for home warranty providers allows you and your team to reinforce the confidence your prospective customers have in your business, drawing on the positive qualities & key benefits that you and your team bring to the table to help your audience feel confident in committing the safety & value of their home or property to the warranty services & coverage that you can provide.

This is your opportunity to prove to homeowners that your home warranty services include true value, above and beyond the typical warranty to include additional home buyers’ benefits. Your sales & marketing team should work closely together with an expert in interview video production for home warranty providers like Team Beverly Boy in order to create customized content that showcases the expertise, credibility & authority of your brand.

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