What Does Video Editing Cost Per Minute

What Does Video Editing Cost Per Minute?

The editing of raw video footage is a vital process that brings movies, films, and feature programs to life. While the total video editing cost per minute will depend largely on the type of video being created, the number of transitions and changes made, as well as the editor and his or her skill set involved, it can be challenging to define an exact rate without having the project in hand. Nationwide estimates of video editing cost per minute range from $50 per minute to upwards of $15,000 per minute. But what does video editing cost per minute for your project?

The answer is, it really depends on your project. The editor will define a cost per minute based on the number of transitions, the frequency of breaks, and the skillset involved in producing the edited video content. This is why you will see videos with a per finished minute cost of $1,000 and you will see videos with a per finished minute cost of $10,000 or more.

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What Factors Influence Video Editing Costs Per Minute?

Several different elements or factors come into play when an editor or production crew discusses budget for a video.

The total editing costs are based on:

  • How much raw footage must be reviewed.
  • How much finished video should be included in the final edit.
  • Whether there will be any motion graphic work.
  • The amount of color grading required to finalize the video.
  • Whether there are any text overlays for the video.
  • Whether image stabilization is required with the existing footage.
  • How complex and technical the work is.

Additional Considerations

In addition to the above factors, when you ask, “what does video editing cost per minute?” an editor will also be considering things like how polished the final video should be and whether the audience involved will expect certain key features or elements to be included in the video.

For example, the use of voice overs or the use of advanced color correction to eliminate blemishes or to smooth colors may or may not be involved. Additionally, the use of various add-ons such as splicing clips together, incorporating graphics, and producing a video that is interactive with chapters, menus, and overlays will further add to the total cost of editing per minute.

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