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Providing Miami Video Production Services for over 15 years has allowed us to quickly meet our clients expectations. Our client has schools all over Florida, including Orlando and Tampa. They wanted a sleek, and creative way to present their school to the market and we came up with the solution to their request. An online marketing video production was the perfect way to get the word across, and highlight the students and teachers as well. Creating a Miami video production services may seem to be a daunting task to some, but it is so very necessary for getting the word out, and capturing the attention of your market. This video was produced as a part of many other videos, we were able to film the project over a two day span, and collect enough b-roll and raw footage to edit a really effective online marketing video.

Miami video production: Filming on Location

The challenge when filming a Miami video production like this is always the scheduling element. We want to make sure that we capture the essence of the school, all while keeping low key, and not interrupting the school day. The way we accomplish this task is by planning to the T. We hold a number of pre production meetings before we bring out the film crew. This enables us to be on one accord with the school administrators, principal, and powers that be. When creating a Miami web marketing video our goal is to capture winning footage, and allow for the participants to share with us their genuine feelings. This is not always easy, during sit down interviews, or talking head shots, the talent is not always prepared to be on camera. So it is our job when providing Miami Video Production Services is to make them feel comfortable, and un-rushed at all times. This way the video interview will come out feeling and looking more natural

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