Is Realism Important in Film

Is Realism Important in Film?

Throughout the history of film and cinema we’ve seen realism play out in some of the most iconic movies of all time. Regardless of the techniques that come out which allow for some of the most unrealistic. And unnatural capabilities to be foreshadowed. There’s a constant that plays true to it all – realism. Somehow, no matter how much we see or gain in the film world. There’s always a balance between a naturalistic and realistically portrayed setting that seems to just grab at the heartstrings and the emotions of the audience. Realism is represented by a variety of films throughout the history of cinema. But is realism important in film still today?

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Is Realism Really Important?

So, is realism important in film? The question comes up rather frequently in the industry. And for the most part the answer is always the same – YES! 

But why? When film and moviegoers are looking for an escape from reality. Where they can be sucked into the world created by the filmmaker. Why is realism important?

One may expect that anything but realism would be important when the audience is seeking to be whisked away by a story in some sci-fi adventure or the next big fictional draw.


And yet – time after time. We see that filmmakers eschew some level of realism into every plot, every theme, and every scene they create.

Even in the films that appear as unrealistic as ever, we see hints of reality intertwined. There’s the use of character’s that somehow closely resemble those we love in our own families.

There’s also the use of subtle cues that remind us that what we’re watching, albeit fiction, is somehow still bounds by the realism of the author or creator behind the work.

Why is Realism Important in Film?

What is it that makes us so drawn to realism in film? Why is it so important to us? Realism has a draw that attracts us to the world of cinema despite our desire to escape a little bit of reality.

The instance that a film takes a turn from traditional Hollywood movie making to realism, is the instance where a true underlying connection is made between character and audience. Between world and where we live. Between who we are and who the characters in the film aspire to be.

Realism is important in filmmaking because it provides the fundamental connection. Between the fiction that we aspire to escape to. And the reality that keeps us grounded and connected to what we’re seeing on the screen. 

The concept of realism is certainly one that has significance in film theory. And continues to be studied over the years. It’s our perception, and the way we connect with what we’re seeing. It certainly has a role in the films that we spend our time with.

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