Top 6 Washington DC Film Schools

Top 6 Washington DC Film Schools for Aspiring Filmmakers to Consider

Washington D.C. has a happening film industry for potential filmmakers that are hoping to learn all they can to become the best they can be. With several options of film schools in Washington D.C., read along and see if you find something that seems like the right fit for your career goals. There are great communities where enthusiastic Washington D.C. filmmakers receive hands-on teaching and training to help them become well-prepared for their career in the Washington D.C. industry. These schools differ from traditional schools offering theory-based programs to other options offering intensive experience programs for those who want an in-depth film program.

Many of the schools prepare their graduates for careers in Washington D.C. film production, visual arts, as well as photography. Learning everything you can about the principles of film, including the editing, production, color correction, etc. can go far in helping you to achieve the dream job in any one of the city’s agencies or studios.  Here’s our list of the Top 6 Washington DC Film Schools to help you prepare for your future film career!

1. Howard University: Cathy Hughes School of Communication

This prestigious school has a Department of Media, Journalism, and Film that prepares you to become a top filmmaker as award-winning filmmakers, documentarians, etc lead you in learning all you need to know about film. With hands-on teaching from some of the best, it’s a school that promises success.

Phone Number:



Rm 230 525 Bryant St. NW

Washington, DC 20059

2. Film Connection

As a school that offers programs in several different cities, Film Connection is a versatile option for those who want to learn at a school that is committed to teaching careers for the film industry. You can expect to learn everything from film production and editing to cinematography, as you get hands on experience studying about directing, producing, screenwriting and so much more.

Phone Number:



1455 Pennsylvania Ave NW #400
Washington, DC 20004

3. George Mason University

Mason offers a BA in Cinematic Arts Production and has a big emphasis on real storytelling that encourages a broad array of perspectives from all walks of life. Its inclusive and hands-on program is one reason why many aspiring filmmakers consider film at Mason to be a worthwhile investment of time. You can specialize in anything from directing to producing, cinematography, post-production, screenwriting, and more. It’s no wonder this all-inclusive program is a part of our Top 6 Washington DC Film Schools list.

Phone Number:



4400 University Drive

Fairfax, Virginia 22030

4. Stevenson University

This well-recognized university has a great Film and Moving Images Program that allows you to learn everything from moving image projects to screenwriting, proposals, and image production and distribution. With the Bachelor of Science allowing Cinematography/Editing and Producing/Writing at the end of the second year, this is one of the local schools that could propel you forward towards the career of your dreams in the city.

Phone Number:



Owings Mills Campus
100 Campus Circle
Owings Mills, MD, 21117-7804

5. Gallaudet University

The world-renowned school of Gallaudet University is a haven for those seeking to study the arts in Washington D.C.. With a focus on film production and special effects, you can improve your skills and even expand your potential career options, thanks to the great internship connections that the school has.

Phone Number:



800 Florida Avenue, NE
Washington, DC 20002

6. American University Washington D.C.

At the American University SOC, students have a chance to build on their interests in film, video, cinematography, sound recording, and so much more, making this a great option on our list of Top 6 Washington DC Film Schools. With great-quality equipment for hands-on learning experience, you can achieve your goal of becoming a filmmaker when studying for a B.A in Film and Media Arts at this local Washington D.C. school.

Phone Number:



4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20016

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