Top 4 Rome Film Schools

Top 4 Rome film schools for upcoming filmmakers to consider 

Rome, Italy has a vibrant film scene. It’s a great place for hopeful filmmakers who can’t wait to get their feet wet in the industry. If you’d like to learn a bit about Rome film schools, keep on reading to see if you can find the right option for you. Many of these schools offer a great kickstart for Rome filmmakers who are looking to be trained in the field so they can get started in their career in the Rome industry. These schools offer a variety of options so that students can find the film program that suits them best. From immersive programs to traditional courses, and large or small colleges and universities, there is something for everyone. 

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As an active part of the Rome video production community, we know that you could ace some challenges along the way. With these schools offering great courses preparing you for Rome film production, as well as visual arts and photography, and basic principles for filming, editing and production, you can graduate from any one of these schools more prepared for a job with major film companiesnews studios, and advertising agencies or even if you decide to pursue self-employment.


1. Rome International Film School


As one of the top Rome film schools, RIFS offers an international-based program design geared towards helping students from around the world gain knowledge that will serve them for a future in the industry. From courses for screenwriting to directing, students are able to learn a variety of practices that will allow them to have a versatile and knowledgeable entrance into their film career. Students who attend RIFS gain hands-on experience that allows them to get a glimpse at their future in the real-world. 

Phone: +39 366 123 2842


2. Accademia MediaFilm ArtiVisive


AMFAV offers a three-year program that results in a BA in Media Design and Multimedia Arts. If your path is towards television or cinema, the courses taught at AMFAV can prepare you with the knowledge and technical practices that will ensure you’re ready for success. There are three different specializations that students can choose from at this great Rome film school: 3D/2D design and animation, film design, and media arts. 

Phone: +39 06 686 8169


Via della Rondinella,
2, 00186 Roma RM, Italy

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3. Rome University of Fine Arts


A charming place to study, the Rome University of Fine Arts offers various programs, ranging from Bachelor studies to a variety of Master of Arts programs in everything from Set Design to Film Arts, and more. Not only do students get a chance to study the main principles of film and art but they also get hands-on experience in an interdisciplinary program designed to help them graduate fully prepared for their future career. The school offers students a unique position to network and gain internships in some of the most prestigious companies and institutions in the city. 


Phone: +39 06 85 86 59 17


00199 Rome, Italy, Via Benaco, 2

4. The American University of Rome 


The Bachelor Degree in Film at AUR is an immersive one, providing practice in several areas ranging from screenwriting to cinematography. As one of the top Rome film schools, students learn from some of the best in the industry. As a smaller school, students looking for a more personalized approach will appreciate what is offered at AUR.

Phone: +39 06 58 33 0941


Via Pietro Roselli 4, 00153 Rome, IT

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