Filmmaking & Video Production: Best 5 Courses for College Students 

So, you’re a budding filmmaker who wants to pursue a career in filmmaking and digital video production? But where do you start? What are your options after high school?

In the early 2000s, teachers introduced video-production technology subjects into the classroom. From pro-level equipment to the creative use of regular smartphones and layman-friendly apps…

Students got to take ownership of their filmmaking potential.

You may know the importance of storytelling and are zealous about video production. Maybe you want to be a cinematic technician, camera operator, or video special effects expert.

But wherever your enthusiasm lies, you need the education to get your foot in the door. And this guide reviews the best 5 courses for studying filmmaking.

Getting into College Education for Film & Video

The competition for film and video slots at universities can be fierce. That means you must pass the entrance exam and stand out to make the grade.

University programs offer a skillful combination of filmmaking and video production courses with education that meets industry expectations.

If your rival(s) has similar GPA, ACT grades, writing a supporting personal statement could help secure your place.

Some students are worried and seek to even think of writing the application letter or a creative introductory essay.

The Essay Portion

Luckily, many film-making colleges would rather see a short movie about you and your motivation than an essay.

However, if the university of your choice requires writing essays and applications and you are not well-versed in creative writing?

You can always google “Who can write my essay for me?” to find excellent writers who can turn your drafts into a winning application.

Getting into your dream university might indeed require some extra help here.

Planning for Your Film Degree Program

There are many excellent film schools and universities offering media programs. But they’re not all equal in what they teach or the quality of tuition.

So make sure you know what you want from the course before you apply. Most colleges teach the ins and outs of successful cinematography, but curriculums vary.

Defining what it is you want to study will help narrow down your choices. For example, is your passion in motion graphics and effects, filming, producing, camera work, or sound engineering?

Or another exciting area, perhaps?

Job Options in Film and Digital Video Production

You don’t have to be a filmmaker or producer to work in the fascinating world of cinematography.

There are lots of supporting job opportunities such as:

  • Film/video editor
  • Production assistant
  • Broadcast presenter
  • Grip (technician who handles equipment on a film set)
  • Location manager
  • Production designer for television and film
  • Programmed researcher for film and video
  • TV camera operator
  • Television production coordinator

And in Other Industries

Your film studies can serve you well in related industries, too. Some examples are advertising, concept artists, special effects technicians, event managers, and more.

Best University Courses for Film & Video Production

Before you step foot onto any campus, make sure the university offers what you need. The best 5 courses here are well-known for their excellence in film & video production.

In addition, some provide online studying as well as traditional learning.

#5 Northcentral Technical College

Northcentral Technical College offers a 100% online Associate of Applied Science or AAS in video production. This course is 62 credits long.

It allows self-motivated students to study at a pace in line with their lifestyle. The main focus is to work within a range of audiovisual media productions and post-production.

Graduates get to develop skills in using media software, tools, technology, and effects. That includes working with animations, graphics and frame color pallets for filming.

Upon completion, students know all about ethical business practices. Moreover, they can manage an entire production from its concept to its completion.

#4 CalArts School of Film/Video

Acceptance into the CalArts School of Film/Video is quite strict. The course runs a unique program from a truly dynamic laboratory setting.

Undergraduates explore moving imagery and experimental character animations. They also study in areas of digital video production, video special effects, graphics and frame color pallets, etc.

Students graduate with an excellent foundation in filming techniques and creative thinking.

They’ve grasped the importance of storytelling and can produce work at the very forefront of personal and commercial film. Graduates are also adept in related fields, e.g., gaming and graphic novels.

#3 Stanford University, CA

Stanford University offers a major in film, digital video production, and photographic arts. The primary focus is on film, cinema, and media studies.

The course teaches students film aesthetics and covers national cinematic traditions. Other areas of study look at modes of production, documentaries, experimental shooting, and editing.

Those who complete the program recognize critical industry vocabulary. Graduates fully understand the intellectual framework in the role of cinema and related media.

#2 Grand Canyon University  

Grand Canyon University ranks as the Best Christian University for on-campus and online film degrees. It also offers a BA degree program in animation and digital design.

That’s sure to interest those into motion graphics, video special effects, and working with graphics and frame color pallets for creative video, etc.

The Film production course begins with an introduction to cinema, i.e., cinema history and aesthetics.

The program equips graduates with the tools needed to pursue film careers. That could be planning, shooting, and editing or managing, productions, etc.

The acquired skills equip students to work in many areas of film. It could be audio production for cinema and TV, film production management, cinematography, nonlinear editing, fine arts, etc.

#1 Full Sail University Online

Best Film Schools in the US. & Canada | MovieMaker Magazine, 2021

Full Sail University offers a film & video certificate program. It covers all aspects of planning and effects, shooting film, motion graphics, and editing, etc.

The course gives a foundational knowledge of working within film production and digital video. The program looks at how to use current technology and various media formats.

Moreover, students can expect to be fully versed with industry terminology upon graduation.

They leave with the experience and technical flexibility needed to adapt to the media and entertainment industries. In other words, graduates are ready to embrace the world of media creation, video production, web video, and related fields.

Closing Thoughts

Working in the film and digital video production business is now open to anyone with a passion. You WILL make it if you have a hunger to succeed in this industry.

And your journey begins by getting into the college of your choice. It’s then a case of absorbing all there is to know about this fascinating, highly enriching vocation.

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