5 Facts You Didn’t Know about Explainer Videos & Why You Must Use them for Your Business 

The explainer video is one of the longest standing video forms that has been around for a while and yet, many businesses are overlooking this powerful media form. Why? Why are so many businesses not using explainer videos to their advantage?

Below we’ll take a look at some of the facts that support the use of explainer videos in your marketing mix and the history of this content that seems to be slowly dying off despite the power for the explainer video to increase consumer interaction and sales.

5 Facts About Explainer Videos  

First, let’s take a look at the facts supporting explainer videos. These videos are used to help the consumer to understand what a product or service is, how it works, and what the benefits of the item are.

A presentation of sorts, the explainer video was once a very popular form of marketing content that has recently started to lose steam. However, explainer videos are still an excellent method of advertising for businesses.

Here’s why:

  1. Explainer videos help a viewer to understand a problem with ease. The average person spends 47.4 minutes watching video each day online.
  2. Explainer videos engage the viewer more than written content. 59% of viewers prefer to watch a video versus reading.
  3. Explainer videos deliver a clear and concise message to the audience with valuable information. Viewers that see an explainer video stay on a site longer than those that do not have video.
  4. Explainer videos encourage viewers to purchase the product. 90% of viewers find explainer videos helpful in making a product decision.
  5. Explainer videos are sometimes called silent sellers because they literally sell the product without actually saying, “hey buy this.” 

Why Use Explainer Videos? 

Animated explainer videos have the following benefits:

-They explain a product or service in seconds.

-They increase conversion rates. Videos increase CTR and result in higher sales.

-They help your product pages to rank better in Google.

-They increase exposure for your brand.

-They pitch your product without being a sales pitch.

-They engage the viewer in a way that is acceptable to them and actually welcomed.

-They work well with mobile. 

-They produce top recall among the consumer better than any other marketing form.

If you’re looking to boost brand recognition and you’re not already using explainer videos to your advantage, now is the time!

Animated explainer videos provide consumers with a compelling story that highlights the product or service you offer so that your audience identifies and engages with the brand. 

Give Beverly Boy Productions a call today to get started with professionally animated explainer videos that will work for your brand. 

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