3 Corporate Explainer Video Production Services for Business Owners

Corporate explainer videos have the power to teach and train your customers to jumpstart conversion rates for your brand. In fact, explainer videos are a must for start-up businesses and valuable addition to your website’s homepage or to product or service pages that discuss complex processes that your team is capable of overcoming.

Past corporate business owners have reported that a single explainer video has increased their conversion rates as much as 144%. If you’re not using corporate explainer video production services to educate your consumers, guide them through complex products and services, and improve your corporate sales — you’re missing out. Consider these 3 types of corporate explainer video production services for your brand.

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1. Live-Action Explainer Videos

live action explainer video

Live-action explainer videos are one of several corporate explainer video production services that can be used to accomplish the goal of providing detailed explanations of your products and services to clients with real people representing your brand. Live-action explainer videos represent your business “in the flesh” by using real actors or talent to explain products or services offered by your business to consumers.

Unlike animated videos that use cartoonish characters, live-action explainer videos for corporate business owners utilize real-people and are ideal for people-oriented services such as healthcare, legal or similar products or services.

2. Motion Graphics Explainer Videos

Motion Graphics Explainer Video

Motion graphics explainer video content uses a mix of animated graphics, visual effects, and various cinematic techniques to produce your content in a way that makes it engaging and exciting for your audience to watch and interact with. Motion graphics videos that represent your corporate explainer video content often involve the use of abstract graphics, logos, and text to provide interactive data to consumers that will help them to understand your brand story and how your business works.

Eye-catching most graphics explainer videos are one of the most widely used corporate explainer video production services for brands seeking to drive human experience and connect consumers with their products and services.

3. Screencast Explainer Videos

Screencast video Explainer Video

The use of screencast videos to explain products or services relative to your business can be relatively affordable but may not provide as much of that “humanized” connection that a live-action or motion graphic video could provide.

Screencast explainers are one of various corporate explainer video production services that can be quickly produced and uploaded to virtually any major social network. You see these a lot on Youtube but they can be used on your website too. Before you decide to use a screencast, consider the benefits of the live-action explainer or motion graphics videos first.

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