5 Reasons to Produce a Corporate Explainer Video for Your Brand

5 Reasons to Produce a Corporate Explainer Video for Your Brand 

Explainer videos are a valuable asset but if you’re unsure or wondering whether they really work for big corporations, consider this. The web is changing. Each day people are changing the way that they search and the things that they search for. They are also changing their minds on the type of content they are looking for. There’s a growing trend toward seeking explainer videos from big brands. Thus, the corporate explainer video is a must for businesses. Here are 5 reasons you should produce a corporate explainer video for your brand. 

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1. Grab Viewer Attention 

Few videos have the ability to grab the attention of the viewer the way a corporate explainer video can. Corporate explainer videos capture audience attention in 8 seconds or less so that they are stuck to your content, listening to what you have to say. If you can’t capture their attention in those first few seconds, they’re going to move on and there’s a chance they’ll see the competition — so you should produce a corporate explainer video to connect with your audience and keep them on your site. 

2. Increase Conversions 

Did you know that corporate explainer videos can be used to increase conversions on your website? The longer you are able to keep a consumer on your site, the more likely they are to make a purchase. Video content keeps the consumer on the page longer. Therefore, a corporate explainer video has the potential to increase your conversions. It’s a winning variable for your brand 

3. Reflect on Culture 

Brand culture is your key to connecting with your audience and putting a human touch to your brand. Corporate explainer video content that delivers details on the corporate culture of your brand can help consumers to feel compelled to purchase from you. Fun, entertaining content that shares the cultural aspects of your business work best. 

4. Shareable Content 

People share videos — period. If your brand offers up corporate explainer video content on social media, there is a very strong chance that the content will be shared. Producing sharable content allows you to connect with a larger audience for your brand. This increases your reach and can increase your conversions over time. 

5. Compelling Content 

Finally, corporate explainer video content has the power to compel the consumer to take action and purchase from you. Think of your explainer video as your elevator pitch. The more engaging and interesting it is, the greater the chance that it will convert the viewer. You’ve got just a few seconds, just like if you were in an elevator, what are you going to say or do to sell your brand? 

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