Common Types of Video for Main Event Productions

Common Types of Video for Main Event Productions

Videos can help you to showcase an event in a way that would otherwise be limited to the public eye. The next time you have a major event planned for your business or organization, consider the various types of videos that can be used to share the content with others publicly. These are some of the most common types of video for main event productions to get started with.

Team BBP covering a Live Event

Team BBP covering a Live Event

Announcement Videos & Commercials

Even announcements can be used to create a sense of “you wish you were here” for those who are not able to make it to the event. These are also sometimes called teaser videos as they tease the viewer, similar to a movie trailer. Event announcement videos can be used to build excitement about an event and boost ticket sales when they are showcased several weeks or months before the event date.

Share event announcements on social media pages, your website, and in your email signature to boost the viewers to the video and get people interested in the upcoming event. You can also share key details of the event as well as b-roll footage from past events to make the production more exciting for those who may watch. Just be careful not to reveal too much of the actual event as you want to entice people to want to come to see more.

Event Social Media Videos

Short social media videos that are filmed during the event can be used to engage the audience members that were not able to make it to the live show. These are also a great means of encouraging those who didn’t make it to this year’s event to find a way to come next year. Sharing the actual event footage on social media will get your viewers excited and provides an excellent opportunity for you to share moments of the event with your viewing audience. Again, don’t give away everything; you want your viewers to want more, thus encouraging them to show up to the live event.

FAQ Videos

People will likely have questions about your event as the time leads up to the big show. Provide viewers with FAQ videos to help them understand what they can expect. Include details on registration, ticketing procedures, event schedules, and any other information that you think a first time visitor may have questions about.

You can include the FAQ videos in comments on the teaser video to answer the questions that those interested in the event already have. Remember, the more you can answer their questions and help them feel compelled with what you have to offer, the greater the chance is that they will actually become a paying audience member at your scheduled event.

Event Recap Videos

For those who attended, and for those who could not participate, event recap videos can be used to provide the key message to a broader audience. These videos capture crucial moments throughout the event and include b-roll footage of attendees, speakers, and entertainment acts that took place throughout the event.

Recap videos are important because they can be shared with those who didn’t attend to help them better understand the keynotes, and they can be used for those who did attend to provide an outlook on what was missed while they were busy with other areas of the event. Keynote speakers are especially thankful for recap videos because they often spend much of their time at events like this tied up with business activities and are unable to see the full-event for what it’s worth. The recap provides a viewing opportunity that they otherwise would not have had.

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