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5 Ways a Mobile Video Kit Encourages Safe Film Production

A Mobile Video Kit is relatively new means of delivering totally safe, COVID-19 compliant film production equipment to businesses so that they can stay safe while producing top quality Video footage for their brands. It is widely known that staying safe is extremely important now, more than ever, when it comes to your health.

A Mobile Video Kit delivers safe, sanitized Video streaming equipment to your home or office so that you can continue to produce quality Video content for your website or blog without risking your health or the health and safety of crew members or your staff. Checkout these 5 ways that a Mobile Video Kit encourages safe film production for your business.

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Contactless Video Production

1. Each Mobile Video Kit is Delivered Via Contactless Delivery

A contactless delivery method is used to drop each mobile video kit to the appropriate user. This allows you to safely collect the mobile video kit that you ordered and place it inside your home or office location where it will be used for film production.

Contactless delivery means that you will not have to be face-to-face with the delivery driver nor will you be required to be face-to-face with anyone else in the delivery process. Your mobile video kit is delivered to your location and ready for use.

2. Contactless Operation Setup

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Your mobile video kit includes tips for contactless operation and manual setup. Begin by following the instructions on the unit to ensure your contactless deliver and setup work to your specifications. Contactless operation should include the use of the mobile Video equipment in an everyday scenario, such as when clients are entering the facility for a meeting.

The entire setup should take place without the need for anyone from outside the crew to enter your filming location. Your camera equipment is delivered ready for you to begin filming with “out the box.” Further, contactless operation means that the mobile video kit is controlled by a remote control in a location separate from the existing location where the equipment is.

3. Sterilization Before Use

All Mobile Video Kit equipment that is delivered by Beverly Boy Productions has been fully sterilized prior to use. The sterilization process is initiated again upon the return of your contactless mobile video kit. Sterilization before and after use helps to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission when the mobile video kit and associated equipment are shared with other businesses or brands.

4. Mobile Live Streaming Requires No Face-to-Face

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Each mobile video kit allows your business to deliver a mobile live streaming experience to consumers and your audience without requiring any face to face interaction which could jeopardize your safety. Each mobile video kit encourages your safe, quality film production by reducing your risk of coming into contact with someone that has been impacted by the Coronavirus.

5. Video Production at Your Location Reduces Travel

Another way that each mobile video kit helps to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission is in the way that each mobile video kit limits the transmission of the disease.  Video production that takes place at your home or office rather than in a room or studio filled with multiple camera crew members as well as your staff is important.

The use of video production via a mobile video kit encourages safe film production in your location with zero travel needs which totally reduces your risk of COVID-19 transmission. Ready to hire a mobile video kit for your production? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call today.

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