Mobile Video Production TIps for Safe Filming

Mobile Video Production Tips for Safe Filming

Everything has changed in the past 6 months. The way humans operate. How we feel safe and what makes us feel threatened. People and the way they operate have changed dramatically in the past 6 months. COVID-19 has caused our ideas on safety and health hazards to drastically change, even in periods as short as a month. Even mobile video production is different than it once was. Checkout these tips for safe filming and great mobile production.

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Handwashing & Frequent Equipment Sterilization

Proper handwashing is the key to preventing COVID-19. When you work with mobile video production equipment, make sure that you are washing your hands and using appropriate equipment sterilization techniques. All mobile video production kits are sterilized before they are delivered for the next client. You can do your part by washing your hands between use or setup of the equipment and by returning the equipment ready for sterilization.

Consider Outdoor Mobile Video Production

Outdoor productions are safer as there are fewer particles of COVID-19 per cubic yard of air as compared to indoor areas. While it may not be possible for every individual to produce content outside, carefully considering outdoor production is a major element towards safe production of films. If you are unable to film outside, consider the use of hands-free, contactless mobile video production equipment that does not require a film crew to be centered around the equipment during the production process. This can further reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 while providing professional results for your business.

Use Contactless Film Equipment 

Contactless film equipment products such as mobile production kits feature complete filmmaking solutions that are delivered to your business for use with a completely contactless delivery and near contactless operation. The camera is positioned on a movable cart that you place inside the area that you intend to film in. The entire camera can tilt, pan, focus and adjust by operation from a hands-free device outside the room. Contactless film equipment is the latest standards in COVID-19 safe film production standards. 

Mobile video production has come a long way in the past 10 years and there’s still a very long way for it to go. If you’re not sure about the various mobile video production options that are available to keep you safe during film production, give Beverly Boy Productions a call! We can’t wait to begin helping you establish mobile video production and that appropriate tips required to make this process a success for your firm.

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