6 Reasons to Hire a Detroit Customer Testimonial Video Production Company

6 Reasons to Hire a Detroit Customer Testimonial Video Production Company

The production of customer testimonials is an integral part of marketing for today’s busy Detroit business owners. Properly produced, customer testimonials have the power to influence consumer preference, boost sales, and generate trust across the industry. Hiring a Detroit customer testimonial video production company to assist you with the creation of professional customer testimonials is definitely an important consideration that any area business should make carefully. 

To help you understand why it’s important to hire locally, and what the benefits are for your business when you hire a Detroit customer testimonial video production company, we’ve made a list of some of the most valuable reasons to consider working with a local expert. At Beverly Boy Productions, we consider ourselves local experts in customer testimonial video production for a number of reasons, most importantly the fact that we’ve got more than two decades of experience in the industry and have local crews that are incredibly familiar with the Detroit metro area. 

To learn more about the value in hiring a Detroit customer testimonial video production company, consider the following top reasons to hire a local expert.

  1. Hiring Local Means there are No Major Travel Expenses

The expense of traveling back and forth to meet with a professional film crew can add up quickly, particularly if you’re a local Detroit business that’s looking to produce customer testimonial videos that highlight your local customers. By hiring a professional Detroit customer testimonial video production company you eliminate any travel costs associated with flying a crew, their equipment, and possibly your customer back and forth to film. Put the savings into filming another testimonial!

  1. Professional Experts in Detroit Know the Metro Area

Filming around the city of Detroit can be challenging for someone that’s not particularly familiar with the city. While Michigan as a whole, including Detroit, is pretty welcoming to film producers, if you’re not familiar with the rules and regulations of the city you could land yourself in some trouble if you’re not careful. Hiring an expert to help you plan your customer testimonial video production throughout the city ensures that you’re aware of the potential challenges, what’s expected around town, and that you’re familiar with the nuances of producing footage in and around major suburban areas throughout the Detroit area.

camera crew filming testimonials

  1. There’s Convenience in Hiring Local

If you’re a Detroit business owner, you’re going to quickly realize that there’s convenience in hiring local as compared to hiring a professional film crew to work with outside of the area. A Detroit customer testimonial video production company, like Beverly Boy Productions, is going to understand area businesses, what the pulse is around town, and what it takes to film content that is going to speak to the target audience. All of this is important to the production of your testimonial videos.

  1. Professionals Come with All the Equipment You Need – And Some

Hiring a Detroit customer testimonial video production company to work with is going to mean that you could potentially save tens of thousands on equipment costs that would otherwise be incurred should you decide to film your testimonials in-house. You may not immediately realize how much equipment is involved in the typical film shoot, but there’s everything from lighting and camera equipment, to tripods and gear, to audio and microphone equipment that will need to be brought into the shoot location in order to film a professional quality customer testimonial video. The cost of transporting all of this would be tremendous for a company that isn’t local, and the cost to purchase all of this equipment would be equally huge. 

  1. Professionals Are Familiar with Local Supports & Resources

When you hire a Detroit customer testimonial video production company, you’ve got the advantage of working with a crew that is familiar with local supports and resources that can aid in your production. Whether you need to rent a drone for some aerial footage for the day, or you’re facing some potential obstacles with finding the right talent to portray your customer in a storyline, hiring a local film crew to assist you means you’re going to have the added benefit of local support and resources too.

  1. Cost-Efficiency and Effectiveness when it Matters Most

Producing customer testimonial videos for your Detroit business is certainly not something that you can afford to sleep on, but as a business owner, it’s also important to maintain your checks and balances. Cost-efficiency and effectiveness are two very important considerations, no matter who you work with for your projects, particularly when hiring third party vendors. At Beverly Boy Productions, we realize that hiring a Detroit customer testimonial video production company requires a lot of upfront trust and commitment, and that cost-efficiency is vital to the ROI of your campaign. To learn more about working with our expert crews to produce quality customer testimonial videos for your business, give us a call.

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