5 Elements of the Best Recruitment Videos for Hiring New Employees

5 Elements of the Best Recruitment Videos for Hiring New Employees

Finding the right candidate for your company has always been a challenge handled primarily by HR. Now more than ever, in a world where face-to-face interactions are limited, the best recruitment videos for hiring employees represent a unique mix of attraction, introduction, and organizational exposure all in one. In fact, the best recruitment videos can help you to ensure that the best candidates consider your business because you’ve shared with them the benefits of your organization and the top attractions of your business before they even applied. The best recruitment videos will include these 5 elements for success.

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1 Showcasing a Talent or Employee that Mirrors the Ideal Candidate

The best recruitment videos will showcase the exact type of talent of employee that you’re looking to hire. If your organization is intending to hire an employee that has a certain persona or set of interests, this information should be shared in the recruitment video. If you’re looking for someone with a particular interest, that too should be shared in the recruitment video. Keep in mind that the idea here is to build a sense of relation between those you’re looking to recruit and the ideal talent behind the video. You want viewers to think, “Wow, that person is kind of like me. If he enjoyed working there, I probably would too.” 

2 Share Work/Life Balance (IF that’s a Thing)

If your business takes pride in producing a work/life balance that most potential new hires would appreciate, share that in your recruitment video. The best recruitment videos showcase the work/life balance that the ideal employee would appreciate. If your business allows employees to work from home, or bring their home to work (such as by allowing special days like kids at work) showcase it in your recruitment video to attract potential new hires.

3 Create Empathy Among the Viewer

Viewers that can empathise with your business or brand are more likely to consider applications. The best recruitment videos create empathy among the viewing audience. Your video should showcase the qualities and mission of your organization and the steps that you take to ensure employees are focused on communicating the mission between each other in the work that they do. If you know your brand focuses on qualities that are important to workers, showcase your actions to satisfy workers with your recruitment videos.

4 Include Humor When You Can

We can’t say that all of the best recruitment videos will include humor because some recruitment processes simply cannot be humorous. However, if you can include humor, doing so can break the ice and add enthusiasm to the conversation. The best recruitment videos that include humor can create a memorable experience for those considering applying with your brand.

5 Great Promotion is Key

Finally, although not really an element of the best recruitment videos, great promotion of your recruitment videos is key to success for your brand. Consider promoting your recruitment videos so that the appropriate would-be employees that need to see the content will do so. You can’t expect to fill your hiring slots if people are not seeing the recruitment videos that you’re putting all this time and effort into. The best recruitment videos include a plan for promotion to ensure they are delivered on social media channels that are most likely to include the audience members that would have interest in the content. This includes also hosting the video content on the website or in email outreach programs.

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