5 Tips for Choosing the Right Conference Video Production Services

The decision to hire a videographer and his or her team to provide conference video production services is not to be taken lightly, and if you’ve never hired this type of support before, chances are you need some help with choosing the right team for the job. This helpful guide, full of tips for choosing the right conference video production services will walk you through the process of finding and choosing the best conference videography services. Follow along as we help you weed through the conference production companies on your list!

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Consider Specializations & Skills

You don’t want just any videographer to capture your conference. In fact, while a conference may not seem like a big to-do when it comes to shooting video, there are a lot of variables that come into play when filming a conference and, an unprepared videographer may miss out on a lot of important elements, especially if they are not familiar with conference shoots. These helpful tips for choosing the right conference video production services will help navigate you in the right direction! 

Past Experiences

Specializations in filming past conferences or experience in event production is beneficial when you look to hire someone to capture your conference with professionalism and style. Ask the production crew about their past conferences, and if you can see footage that they captured from similar events. This will help you to get a feel for whether or not they have the skills you desire in a production team.

Tips for Choosing the Right Conference Video Production Services

Check Portfolio, Demo Reel and References

Don’t just take a peek at the demo reel and call it a day! You need to ask about their portfolio to get an idea of the previous styles and types of work the production company has provided as you look to choose the best conference video services for your event to consider closely the past work of the potential conference videography crew, a specific experience that they have in this style of work, and whether they have references to back up what they say. Ask if you can talk to recent references about the work that was done. You’re looking for confirmation that the crew was good to work with, provided top-notch service, and the end footage was beyond expectations!

 Compare Their Work to Your Concept

You have an idea in your head that is reminiscent of what you want the conference video to look like, now compare that idea to the work that they share with you. Do you see any of the elements that you expect from your final footage in their work? If you don’t see any of the skills that you’re looking for in their existing work, they may not be an ideal fit for your project. Conference videography services are going to range in creative style and skill. It’s your job to sift through the varied styles and skill levels of the conference production companies that you speak to in order to find one that’s ideal for your project.

 Ask About Marketing & Management

How will the conference videography company that you work with market your conference and manage your project? Will they help with marketing at all? Will your project include white-glove management that includes creative assistance and professional support from the conference production company throughout the event? These are all questions that you need to ask as you narrow down the companies that you believe may have the skills you’re looking for.

Outline What Works 

You need to know how your project will be managed. How many crew members will be dedicated to your event? How many cameras will be involved? Will they cover audio and lighting? Is editing included so that you receive final footage that is immediately ready to share with the world? Make sure that before you choose a conference production crew that’s right for you, you have asked all of these questions, and you are comfortable with the process that has been outlined for the event.

Tips for Choosing the Right Conference Video Production Services

 Get a Quote

Finally, you’ve figured out the production companies that appear to have the skills you desire, and they seem to be a good fit for your project. Now it’s time to get some quotes. Price isn’t always the deciding factor, and it certainly is not always an indicator of quality. That’s why we recommend you do your research and get to know the skills and experience in conference video services that each of the conference production companies has before you go asking for a quote from each. 

When you get your quotes, make sure you have, in writing, the details of the quote. What will be covered? What will be an added cost? What is the production timeline like? Are there any hidden fees? 

Get a quote from every conference video production company that you are considering for your event. This way, you have a wide range of options to choose from.

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