How to Make a Case Study Video to Promote Your Business

As a business owner, knowing how to make a case study video that can be used to promote your business or brand is a big step that typically requires the hiring of a professional. However, much of the foundation for the case study, including the research and planning, is something that you might want to take on yourself. To help you know where and when it’s best to shift the duties from something you handle in-house to something that a professional film crew like Beverly Boy Productions helps you out with, we’ve created this guide on how to make a case study video to promote your business.

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Before you create a case study video, you’re going to do a lot of planning. This is essential to the effectiveness of your case study and to ensure that you meet your intended goals with the content that you produce. Follow this guide so that you’re prepared for each of the steps involved in producing a video case study that’s going to deliver key insights for your audience and increase authority for your brand.

Step 1:  Be Clear & Concise with Your Goals & Objectives

Before you produce anything, before you write a single word or come up with a title, before anything at all happens, you need to set goals and objectives for your work. Being clear and specific about the purpose and goals of your case study is going to help you with each of the following steps as they arise.

Make sure that your goals align with the overall goals and objectives of your brand. For instance, if you’re a B2B brand that sells to other business owners, you’re going to probably have goals that apply to generating authority and awareness for other businesses, and to building up the value of your brand that is seen by others. Setting your goals, think about:


  • Making them specific
  • Making them measurable
  • Making them attainable
  • Making them relevant
  • Making them time-bound

This way, you go into your case study video with a SMART plan in mind.

Step 2:  Define Target Audience & The Problem

The next step in figuring out how to make a case study video that you can use for your business is to define your target audience. Who is your target audience for the purpose of the case study? What are their needs? What are the specific problems or challenges that this audience niche faces? As you’re thinking about all of this, you should also be thinking about the next step which involves the solution that your brand provides.

Make sure that you choose an audience that is relative to your brand, and remember that you do not have to choose a very wide audience. A niche specific audience is key to generating maximum conversions with your case study.

Step 3:  Define the Solution Your Brand Provides & the Offer

This is where you are thinking about how you have helped your target customer and how you can help more prospects in your target audience the same way. What is the solution that your brand provides which other brands may not offer or which you can do better? This is how you devise your offer, which is the purpose of the video and makes up the core message that you’re looking to deliver.

Step 4:  Choose a Client that Can Share Your Message

Now it’s time to get into the fun part. Choosing a client that you’ve worked with who has faced the challenges or problems you listed in step 2 and whom your solution was helpful with in step 3. You want to choose a client that is:


  • Happy with your business and the relationship they have with your brand.
  • Able to provide real world results, a story, and data or figures to back up their claim.
  • Is comfortable speaking about the relationship with your brand on camera.
  • Wants to share their story with others.

This may take some time, and you might go through several different prospective past customers before you find the right fit for your case study video. If you’re having trouble, this is where you might start to think about hiring a professional to assist you with the screening process.

Step 5:  The Story & Interview

Any customer that you work with is capable of sharing their story, but are you an expert at interviewing? Many brands choose to hire a professional at this stage in order to get the assistance of a professional interviewer that can work with the subject to capture the essence of their story and the value of the relationship the customer has with the brand, on camera.

Asking the right questions is essential at this point as is taking steps to guide the overall trajectory of the story. An expert interviewer that’s worked on projects like this before is going to be able to guide the customer down the path of sharing the details of their relationship in just the right way.

Step 6:  The Shoot & Post-Production Final Cut

If you haven’t hired a professional film crew up to this point, you almost certainly will now. Beverly Boy Productions can help you craft the best case study video. In fact, we know how to make a case study video that is going to highlight all of the important details of your business and the relationship that have with your customer. We’ll film the interviews, and capture all of the important b-roll footage we can to support the visual aesthetics of your story. When we’re done filming, we’ll work to put the finishing touches on your project incorporating the music, text overlays, animated features, and a variety of other important effects into your project until we achieve the final cut.

Now that you know how to make a case study video that can promote your business, are you ready to hire a professional to help you achieve success for your brand? Give us a call!

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