What are the Best PTZ Cameras for Livestreaming

What are the Best PTZ Cameras for Livestreaming?

PTZ camera systems are all the rage, particularly for livestreaming events and performances. You’ve probably heard these cameras talked about in a variety of scenarios as they’re quite popular at this time and for good cause. PTZ cameras provide maximum functionality that you would expect from having a full-service camera crew complete with equipment, tripods, setup and all filming your livestream – expect all you have is a few cameras that are in place and have been pre programmed or are being operated either remotely or by joystick by a single operator. But what are the best PTZ cameras for livestreaming?

If you’re like many business owners, choosing the best PTZ camera system for your frequent livestreaming is not only important from an investment standpoint.

But also from a financial standpoint and from a quality standpoint. You want to know that you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

And that you won’t let your audience down when it comes to filming the events, performances, or other individual actions taking place within your business.

So what are the best PTZ cameras for livestreaming and why?

Sony BRC – X1000

The Sony BRC – X1000 is a professional grade PTZ camera that will not let you down when you’re livestreaming from your venue.

This camera features 4K video capture and broadcasting capabilities that include high-quality streams and up to 28x zoom.

Since all of the features are digital, you can bet that the BRC1000 is going to not only be compatible with a variety of upload sources but that it will be virtually silent in operation.

Just in case you intend to use it in a quiet venue where interruptions like wonky camera noises can be distracting.

Maximum Function

Using the Sony BRC-1000 for livestreaming is going to allow maximum function in low-light settings.

As well as the standard remote control options that you would expect with any PTZ camera system.

With a variety of outputs, you can use the Sony BRC – 1000 for a number of different livestreaming setups.

You may rest assured that it will work with most virtual reality and augmented reality setups, too.

Panasonic AW-UE150K

When it comes to choosing the best PTZ cameras for livestreaming, you definitely can’t go wrong with the Panasonic AW-UE150K.

This PTZ camera provides 4K streaming capabilities that are comparable to any professional camcorder that a cinematographer would film with.

With a wide range of features and outputs you can expect pristine footage from this livestreaming PTZ camera.

The Potential

The Panasonic AW-UE150K features a 1” MOS sensor and 20x optical zoom. As well as 24x optical+digital zoom for amazingly close views of your subject when livestreaming.

Night mode allows you to stream in almost entirely dark venues. While built-in optical image stabilization ensures that you capture your subject with absolute clarity.

The Panasonic PTZ camera features ND filters that are built in. With 12G-SDI as well as HDMI and Fiber outputs along with IP outputs?

You will know that there’s almost endless potential in livestreaming with this PTZ camera. It’s certainly one of the best PTZ cameras to livestream with. 

Sony SRG-300H

Another amazingly powerful PTZ camera, the Sony SRG-300H is a bit less expensive than the others. Coming in at about $3,000 versus nearly $10,000 for the previously mentioned models.

The Sony SRG-300H camera features livestreaming capabilities that will deliver professional quality output that’s comparable to many of the higher priced units.

This PTZ camera features full HD streaming and silent operation just like the other PTZ cameras we listed. With 65 degree rotation, you can expect to get a wide range view with this unit.

It’s controllable from a PC which means that with just a few clicks you can be livestreaming your event, program, classroom, or venue in no time.  

BirdDog A300

While this PTZ camera is ideal for livestreaming outside, particularly sporting events or outdoor venues, the BirdDog A300 will not let you down.

With image capture that will allow you to livestream rapid action sporting events to a large crowd, the BirdDog A300 features 360-degree rotation and Full NDI.

30x Optical zoom allows you to maximize the coverage, zooming into your subject for close-ups that will amaze your audience.

The Elements

When it comes to livestreaming events that take place outside, such as concerts or sports, the BirdDog A300 provides weatherproof and fog proof technology.

This makes it ideal in a variety of elements including rain and snow.

The camera will withstand temperatures as cold as negative 40° and as hot as 140° Fahrenheit making it ideal for a variety of use settings.

The Takeaway

So what are the best PTZ cameras for live streaming? While it all really depends on your needs and your budget, we’d probably say that the Panasonic AW-UE150K is the top of the line.

That is, if you’re not worried too much about putting up close to $10K to get started with a single unit.

However, if you’re looking for something that is budget friendly but will still provide professional quality footage? The Sony SRG-300H offers some flexibility in regards to upfront cost.

All in all, you’ll find value in all of these PTZ cameras. 

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