title what are full frame cinema cameras and how do they work

What are Full Frame Cinema Cameras and How Do They Work?

Full frame cameras are changing the way video is captured in the industry. But what are full frame cameras and how do they work? We’re telling you everything you need to know about full-frame cameras and the role these devices play in cinema today.

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What is a Full Frame Camera?

The term full frame is used to define the size of the imaging sensor that is inside the camera. A full-frame camera includes a sensor that is the size of a 35mm film.

This is the largest format available in a digital camera without moving into specialized cameras with medium format. The full-frame sensor is more commonly found in top quality DSLR cameras and some mirrorless cameras.

Full frame cameras are traditionally bulky and heavy when compared to the more moderate cameras with crop-frame sensors.

So if they are big, more expensive and harder to get, why are so many people turning to full-frame cameras and how do they work? That’s the big question!

Why are Full-Frame Cameras Popular in Cinema?

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As noted, despite the cost and bulk of cameras with a full-frame sensor, many are turning to full-frame cameras for cinema.

These cameras are gaining popularity because:

  • They allow you to get closer to your subject using a wide-angle lens that has significantly less distortion.
  • They are quiet.
  • A shallower depth of field can be captured with the same lens, framing and aperture resulting in a cinematic look.
  • There is a perception that the use of higher or newer technology will make a filmmaker better at his or her ability to capture footage.
  • Filmmakers tend to want tech gadgets and full-frame cameras were one of the newer gadgets available in the camera world.
  • A larger sensor makes the camera able to better capture footage in low-light environments.
  • More tonal range can be captured and detailed color are improved with the footage.

Full frame technology is becoming more affordable as we progress through time. Most major brands have brought out professional full-frame camera options that offer a versatile, budget-friendly approach to the look and feel of mainstream cinema production.

How Full-Frame Works

Many camera operators believe that somehow that using a full-frame camera will result in better image capture. WRONG!

A full-frame sensor is not going to capture a better image than your standard crop sensor camera.

However, a full-frame camera can add versatility to your shoot and provide you with additional flexibility that you don’t otherwise have.

Determining whether a full-frame sensor of crop sensor are the ideal internal components to your camera is mostly dependent on individual desire.

There are times when a full-frame camera would work well for a shoot and provide a rich cinematic feel and there are times when you can get the same look for a crop frame camera too.

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