Video Production for Dollar & Variety Stores

The dollar and variety stores industry was once made up largely of small mom & pop style retailers that offered mixed low-priced products that catered to the thrifty, budget-conscious spender. Today, fewer individually owned and operated dollar stores or variety stores are seen as major retailers including Dollar General, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, Big Lots & Five Below have largely taken over this market segment which represents a $101 billion dollar industry. Video Production for Dollar & Variety Stores targets the budget-conscious consumer with marketing & advertising promotions that focus most only sharing budget-savvy deals & events that will draw traffic into their stores.

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This industry has seen consistent growth in recent years as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic which placed many consumers out of work and resulted in lower-than-average discretional spending, and while overall per-capita discretional income has been on the rise, economic contraction is likely to pave the way for additional growth in this massive economy. Industry revenue is expected to rise at a rate of about 3.5% annually as a result of economic uncertainty around the potential for a recession in 2023.

At Beverly Boy Productions we work with many dollar & variety stores to provide expert video production services that include marketing & promotional video production, expert video creation, and the production of industry-specific training videos which can be used to keep teams satisfied and minimize turnover rates.

Promotional Videos for Dollar & Variety Stores

Dollar & variety stores tend to have a very price-centric consumer market that is relatively not niche-specific but rather quite general. This doesn’t meant that these stores won’t invest in expansive promotional video production strategies that target the end consumer with videos that pique interest, fill stores, and result in overall higher product sales.

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Promotional videos for dollar & variety stores can:

• Rapidly increase consumer awareness surrounding sales & deals.
• Improve consumer knowledge of upcoming sale events.
• Generate consumer interest surrounding budget-savvy opportunities to engage.
• Improve consumer spending by targeting unique audience segments with deals & steals.

According to recent studies, video promotions are just as popular on Facebook as photos, and 86% of consumers are interested in seeing more videos from the brands they are interested in, therefore promotional videos are key to growing these amazing brands.

Marketing Videos for Dollar & Variety Stores

Marketing videos have the capacity to draw in consumer interest, boost their spending habits, and dramatically increase sales for a dollar store or variety brand. Actively sharing upcoming deals, events, and sales are just one of the ways to put marketing videos to work for your dollar or variety store.

Marketing Video Production for Dollar & Variety Stores can also:

• Be used to increase social media reach.
• Help to grow your organic followers and increase Google rankings.
• Provide unique audience insights and connections relevant to your brand.
• Improve email open rates and increase click-throughs by up to 65%.
• Reduce page bounce rate while increasing dwell time which is essential to boosting online sales.

Whether you’re a variety store that sells goods online, or offline, video marketing is key to growing audience interest in your business and boosting the number of sales that you can generate as a brand.

Training Videos for Dollar & Variety Stores

As a dollar & variety store owner, it’s common to experience a relatively high employee turnover rate. Employees often rate the training of these types of retailers as “low” or “poor” and it’s not necessarily because the store is providing bad training, but usually because they either don’t provide enough training or they don’t have time to train new employees.

If you’re struggling to train your new employees and get them appropriately onboarded to your team, training Video Production for Dollar & Variety Stores can help.

Training videos can:

• Improve employee commitment & confidence.
• Improve employee productivity.
• Reduce total training times without reducing training quality.
• Reduce training costs when compared to in-person training events, shadowing, and other in-person training programs.

Give your employees a chance, provide them with video-based training that represents your brand!

Interview Videos for Dollar & Variety Stores

Dollar & variety stores often face scrutiny for selling products that are outdated, poorly manufactured, or otherwise fail to meet market standards. In order to boost revenue and sales for your dollar store, you need to build up audience trust & commitment to your brand. Interview videos that share the expertise and experienced insights behind your brand can help.

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In fact, expert interview videos for dollar & variety stores can be shared across social media, your website, and your email campaigns to boost consumer interest and build up a sense of credibility and trust in your brand. Consider sharing these, and other professional videos that represent your store, across all of the major marketing platforms and verticals in order to grow your business.

At Beverly Boy Productions we work with your business to generate top quality content that is essential to driving conversions for the brand. To learn more about our expert services in Video Production for Dollar & Variety Stores, give us a call!

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