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Canon C300 Team Beverly Boy Review


The Canon Cinema EOS C300 MKII is a lightweight, sleek camera designed for ease of use and great mobility. Those who have owned and operated the camera have found great success in Canon’s more adaptable approach. It would seem that the company was in favor of targeting consumers who needed a reliable camera on the go. Lucky for us, that is exactly what we got.




The camera supports all ranges of customization and personalization including pre program buttons on the side. In fact, all of your quick select buttons coe outfitted with a backlight, in case you need to find them in low light settings. There is a pop open receptacle for cfast cards 2.0, which is great for the sheer weight of the data that you will be pulling. There is also a port for an SD card available under a rubber cover. As for connection you have an HDMI and two SDI ports available, as well as two separate audio and video ports. The truly ergonomic design sports a top handle that is surprisingly stable and it feels nice and rigid during filming. The onboard display is nice a bright, and does not glare too badly in high lighting conditions. The off board display is able to be mounted at almost virtually any angle. That means there is the possibility of positioning it in whatever way the current shoot calls for. There is also a built in mic or the camera. It isn’t the greatest mic by far, but it is great for collecting sample sound and scratch audio. Make sure that you have an allen wrench nearby, as all of the detachable hardware on the camera needs on of those to come off.


The offered AF system moves away from the center box AF system we have seen in the past from this brand. Instead you are able to move the AF box around freely, which means you don’t have to focus on what is center frame anymore. Last but not least is the shining star of this device, the added slow motion feature. While it is not awe inspiring at 120fps, and you do have to drop down from 4k to 1080p if you want to use it, the end result is always beautiful.




Starting off we have a 9.84mp Super35 CMOS sensor, and remember this is still a rolling shutter. There are dual DIGIC DV5 processors and you can record in 4k. XF-XAVC Intra 410-225-220-110Mbps or XF-XAVC Long GOP 50Mbps and XF-XAVC Long GOP 35Mbps and 24Mbps for Proxy. The 15 stops of dynamic range is great for that real movie feel and you can also record 4k internal with RAW internal recording at the same time. The ISO goes up to 102,400 and the device Supports BT.2020, Canon Cinema Gamut, and DCI-P3 Color Spaces. The offered Dual Pixel CMOS will cover 80% of the FOV, and don’t forget about those 4 channels of 16/24 bit and 48 kHz of audio. XF-AVC intra for 4K, and XF-AVC Intra/Long GOP and Proxy options for 2K/Full HD is als available.



The Canon Canon Cinema C300 MKII video camera is a great device for the person who is constantly on the go. It is a great all around option for a huge array of different spaces. Thanks to it’s highly ergonomic design, it is comfortable almost anywhere it needs to be held. The overall light weight of the device helps with this problem as well. The slow motion works just as well as it should and can take some impressive footage. Customization options allow for programming on the fly, and the available off board 4” screen can be mounted in almost any direction. If there is a place to be, and a scene to shoot, this device can be there and shoot it quickly.

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