Title Reasons to Use Video Storytelling in Service Videos

8 Reasons to Use Storytelling in Service Videos

Video content is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to businesses large and small. The right video content drives a path to higher sales, stronger brand recognition and more valuable relationships with consumers. For service businesses, great videos require storytelling that delivers content which the audience can resonate with. These are a few of the top reasons to use storytelling in service videos for your brand.



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Stories Make Video Content Personal

create personal connections with stories

Personally, we reflect on content that we see which we can resonate with. Service businesses that deliver video content which tells a story that we can personally relate to allow us to feel a stronger connection to the brand. This personal connection equates to stronger trust and an increased likelihood to purchase the service.

Stories Deliver Dynamic Content

What would you rather watch, a video that tells the story of how service helped a consumer just like you overcome a major challenge similar to one you’re struggling with, or a video that explains each of the features and potential benefits of a service as they pertain to any random individual?

Stories deliver dynamic, meaningful content that helps consumers to connect with and understand your brand.

Stories Show Consumer Services in Action

Services are as valuable as the struggles they assist the consumer in overcoming. Stories show the consumer how a service can be used to help you overcome a struggle.

Seeing service in action allows ordinary people to devise a stronger sense of desire and need to purchase the service to overcome a struggle.

Stories Deliver an Emotional Element

Only a great story will truly deliver the level of emotional connection that the consumer needs to feel compelled to keep watching a video and take action. Services that deliver conflict and emotion via video have the power to carry the viewer from a state of sadness to anticipation, to excitement and job.

Stories Add Humor

add humor to video with stories

Services may not always have a humorous side but when you create videos that tell a story there is a bit more room to add humor to the mix. Stories let the humor element bring your service to life in a way that helps consumers to remember your service when they need it later on.

Stories Get Shared

A video that outlines the features of a service and the core benefits may never get shared. Let’s face it, something like this isn’t all that interesting. However, a story about a service that helped a consumer overcome a significant struggle will almost certainly be shared.

People love to share stories of triumph on social media, so why not show that triumph in a video story about your service?

Case Study Stories Work Great for Services

Service videos that deliver key details regarding a consumer that has already engaged with your service are a popular means of storytelling for brands. Case study videos that deliver real stories offer powerful messages to consumers and are most likely to be remembered, shared and appreciated on social media.

Stories Answer Consumer Questions

story question mark

Service videos that answer popular consumer questions within a story are a great opportunity to take the important subject matter and roll it into your video content marketing efforts.

While you may not be able to answer all of your consumer questions in story form, consider those that allow short, concise storylines to deliver key points to consumers a winning opportunity for your brand.

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