What is Branded Content Video Production

What is Branded Content Video Production?

Branded content video production includes the planning, filming, and editing of company content which incorporates a specific brand message or style into the video so that the audience will recognize the connection of the content to the brand, generally in 60 seconds or less.

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Branded video content represents one of the most commonly used types of videos created by business owners and brands that are interested in building strong audience awareness to their key mission or message.

Branded videos deliver the core message to the desired audience, typically in 60 seconds or less, while incorporating the styles, colors, logos, or underlying features of the brand into the story, visuals, and audible representation of the video.

Branded video content production includes the planning, filming, and editing of these short, brand-focused videos that are used to build recognition while entertaining or engaging the intended audience.

What is Branded Video Content?

Branded videos are short, focused videos that deliver key brand messages or topics while using the styles, elements or underlying features of a brand that an audience will recognize and connect with.

These videos have a 59% higher rate of customer recall when compared to display ads and they are more likely to drive viewers to seek additional content from the brand.

Branded videos deliver entertaining or educational content that your audience will ultimately connect with your brand. Branded videos use an audience first approach to deliver content that is designed to directly connect with your audience and create recognition or a direct connection to your brand.

They can include a variety of different styles or types of content including entertaining clips, educational messages, or other forms of corporate content that incorporates the style, tone and structure of content that is represented by your brand.

What is Branded Video Content Production?

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Branded content video production includes the creation of branded videos from start to finish. Branded videos begin with a planning phase in which the exact nature of the message to be delivered is determined and a concept is defined.


Following the pre-production phase, where branded videos are planned and the details of each scene or shot are prepared, branded videos go to production.


During production, branded video content is captured on film. This can include a variety of shots or scenes and may be made up of a mix of live-action footage, motion graphics, or animations.

Throughout the branded video production process, a camera crew will capture the intended a-roll and b-roll footage that is desired to create the intended style or scene.


Branded content video production then moves into the post-production process. During post-production, graphics and other elements such as music or narration are added to the video. The footage is edited and revised so that the final cut is prepared for distribution.

Your branded videos can be shared online, in emails, on social media, on television, or anywhere you can reach your desired audience.

Branded content video production typically:

  • Represents the creation of short, sweet content that your audience will love.
  • Is not promotional in any way, but may include subtle hints of your brand’s style, tone, or voice.
  • Tells a story that your audience can relate with.
  • Shares a genuine and authentic vision or message.
  • Represents the unique voice or point of view that your audience will connect back to your brand.
  • Can be shared in a variety of ways to boost awareness and grow your audience.

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