5 Small Business Brand Videos to Build Awareness

You’ve probably heard how important it is to post videos about your small business on social media, your website, and just about anywhere else on the web that your audience might be spending time. At the very least, you know that small business brand videos are the foundation to any successful marketing campaign, particular because videos now make up more than 82% of all traffic on the internet. 

If you want to build up awareness around your small business brand, the best way to do that now, both online and offline, is with video. Video is the number one chosen type of marketing media for brands large and small. It’s most attractive to customers and prospects, and it’s most valuable to brands. 

But what kinds of video should a small business be producing? Do some small business brand videos perform better than others? These are common questions, especially for a small business that’s just getting started with video.

We’ve put together a list of the top 5 small business brand videos that you can use to build awareness around your business or brand online. 

  1. Small Business Introduction & Explainer Video

A short, explainer video that represents your small business brand is great for social media, email marketing, landing pages and your website. Consider the use of these small business brand videos throughout your marketing campaigns as a primer on building other videos for your business or brand, too. 

Keep these videos short, 90-seconds or less, and explain what your business does, how it was founded, and what’s best about your brand. Take advantage of building up excitement among your audience with video, by producing a small business introduction that showcases your brand!

  1. Small Business Educational Videos

Educating your audience is a great way to boost awareness and build up credibility around your brand. In fact, the use of educational video content on social media and your website represents one of the best ways for a brand to build audience awareness. Use these types of videos to show off the knowledge that you have and the expertise behind your brand to help consumers feel more comfortable with turning to you as an industry or niche authority on your subject. 

Not only does this build credibility, but it will also build up your brand’s reputation so that potential customers know where to turn for information.

  1. Corporate Culture Videos

corporate culture

Branded corporate culture videos have the power to help audiences understand the hands behind your business and what makes your brand valuable.  Small business brand videos that represent corporate culture are important to showing off the unique value behind your brand while humanizing the business. 

Many business owners find that the production of corporate culture videos like this can be incredibly impactful in terms of curbing the audience’s decision and increasing conversions. Share these videos in your email marketing campaigns, on your website, and in social media for maximum value.

  1. Branded Story Videos

Many brands have a significant and unique story behind them. Branded story videos are one of the many small business brand videos to build awareness. If your story is part of your DNA, and it’s what you find most valuable about your brand to share, then it makes sense to create a branded story video that you can use to generate greater awareness around your business.

Sharing your brand’s story via social media, on your website, and in your email marketing campaigns will help your audience feel more connected with your business, particularly if the story of your brand touches on the emotions of the audience and helps them to resonate with your offering.

  1. Branded Blogs on Video

Did you know that when consumers are asked whether they would rather read a blog post or watch a video, more than 80% say they want video content? What about the fact that when executives are given the opportunity to either watch a video or read a blog post, the majority of them will watch the video? This is proof that consumers would prefer a video blog over a written blog, and it’s another reason for small business brand videos to focus on blog posts.

Consider building videos around your most popular blog posts first, and then consider the addition of video in place of your blog posts in the future. While there are still unique opportunities for written content, the majority of the internet is looking for video content from the brands they trust or are most interested in so this is a good opportunity to take advantage of that and to build more video around your brand.

As you can see, if you’re a small business owner, it’s very important to create branded video content to boost awareness around your business, and you have a lot of opportunities to do so. Small business brand videos that range from branded video blogs and stories, to behind-the-scenes content and corporate culture content are important for any business to consider creating. The more you focus your marketing on the production of these types of videos, the more you’re going to be building audience awareness around your brand. 

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