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What Does Social Media Video Production Cost?

What Does Social Media Video Production Cost? Social media videos are widely used in the development of brand awareness, lead generation, and online engagement for prospects.

In fact, social media videos make up more than half of all views that take place on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. The majority of people seek to watch videos versus engaging in various other forms of content, but what does social media video production cost? This question comes up a lot when new brands are considering the use of social media videos for their business, and it’s understandable. Of course, you want to know what you’ll be spending!

Social media video production costs can range between $1,000 and $10,000 or more per finished minute. The good news is, most social media videos are between 1 and 2 minutes long and some are as short as 30 seconds. Thus, you can get started with social media video production for as little as $1,000 but things like animated graphics and special effects can, and will, add to your production costs.

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Why Include Video in Social Media Strategy?

Should you focus your time, and money, on social media video production? ABSOLUTELY! The truth is, social media video production has a range of benefits that make it well worth the investment in production.

Not only are people more interested in video content than ever before, 85% of all internet users are watch videos on a regular, monthly basis. Other businesses are using video for their marketing, and for good cause. Video marketing is profitable! Recent studies report that 88% of marketers find that they are satisfied with the ROI that comes from the use of video in their social media marketing efforts.

How much does it cost

Social Media Video Production Costs

The production costs of a social media video that will “WOW” your audience and potentially go viral on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, or various other social profiles such as Tik Tok or even Pinterest will depend largely on the expertise involved. Expert video production is more costly than amateur, but it’s also easy to call out an amateur video that lacks a strong storyline, excellent camera skills, and pristine editing.

Social media video production rates include fees associated with both top of the line, actor and talent cost as well as below the line production expenses associated with a camera crew, staff, and related fees for things like lighting, engineering, and design. Expect to spend the following potential hourly rates for your social media video production:

  • Film Director – >$250 per hour
  • Script Writer – >$150 per hour
  • Cameraman – >$400 per hour
  • Editor – >$175 per hour
  • Actors – >$500 per hour
  • Equipment – up to 100s per hour
  • Studio Shooting – up to $400 per hour
  • Narrator – >$400 per hour
  • Audio Files – up to $1000
  • Video Rendering – up to $75 per hour
  • B-Roll – expect to pay a percentage between 10 and 50% of your total cost
  • Miscellaneous Fees – can cost very little up to 1000s extra

BBP camera crew 1-10

Social Media Video Production Price Influencers

Several scenarios or elements can add to, or reduce, the total expenses that are incurred when you produce a social media video. Things like multiple shoot locations can quickly add to the total expense as you shift camera crews and their gear and equipment from one location to the next, cutting the actual time for filming the production to a fraction of the total hourly expenditure.

Additional considerations include:

  • Equipment rentals. Do you really need that jib? Is a crame necessary or can you achieve a similar shot with a little technical engineering?
  • Is hair and makeup that important? This largely depends on the production. If your characters will be distanced from the shoot or if you’re filming a short corporate clip for social media you can probably limit the budget for hair and makeup in lieu of your existing talent (your workforce) being appropriately dressed and lightly spruced up with their own makeup/hair supplies.
  • The length of the video will directly influence the cost. A longer video will costly roughly double the cost of a video half the length. Social media videos under 1 minute are most widely viewed so before you create a video longer than that, consider this.

Still wondering, “what does social media video production cost?” Call Beverly Boy Productions today to learn more about the expenses that may arise in the production of your film!

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