Powerful Brand Ethos Videos Make Your Brand Stand Out

Establishing your brand as a powerhouse in the eyes of the consumer isn’t easy. It takes a lot of hard work and a consistent focus on building a very specific sense of character among your target audience if you truly want your brand to be set apart from the competition. With brand ethos videos, your brand takes on a powerful ability to convey strength, stamina, and a strong sense of character that your target audience can’t afford to overlook. Brand ethos is what sets your brand apart from the competition, and we’re show you how to employ this powerful concept in the videos associated with your business.

What is Brand Ethos Exactly?

Brand ethos is the character of your brand that sets your business apart from its competition. Where some brands come across as lacking credibility, others come across as highly credible and it’s all about their ethos. Ethos is a persuasion technique that has long been popularized in marketing. It’s what sets a brand apart by highlighting the credibility that a brand presents through various advertisement techniques in which “character” is the primary focus. 

When you think of ethos, think of the fastest ways that you can use your content to build credibility for your brand. Dating back to ancient Greek times, ethos has been used to describe character or personality. This term that was once used by Aristotle, is used by marketers today to describe the character of a brand. You might recall brand ethos being displayed in a commercial in which a celebrity endorsement comes up. In examples like this, brand trust or credibility is established through the use of a respected celebrity that strengthens the underlying message being delivered by the brand.

In these examples, brand ethos is what makes the brand stand out. Brand ethos is what gives power to the commercials and videos that a marketer creates and it’s this power of character that makes the audience feel more compelled to support the brand.

While the use of a celebrity endorsement is the easiest way to recognize brand ethos, there are a number of other ways that ethos can come into play when creating video content that you wish to set your brand apart from the competition. 

Brand Ethos Videos in Action

Celebrity endorsement isn’t the only way that you can put brand ethos to work for your business. When you think of brand ethos videos, you should be thinking about what steps you can take to build a sense of character that your audience will trust and find to be credible for the brand. 

Brand ethos videos are what cause consumers to make a direct connection between a particular characteristic and a brand. For example:

  • Watch any Nike commercial and you’re going to walk away thinking that if you were to wear Nike you’re going to have a better game, be stronger, and feel better about yourself. Maybe it’s the celebrities like Lebron James that make it stand out, or maybe it’s just the way every Nike commercial creates that sense of character for the brand in which those who wear Nike don’t lose – they can’t!
  • Watch any luxury brand commercial, such as Movado, and you’re going to feel like if you just had that Movado watch, then others are going to sense the luxury just bellowing off of you. It’s because Movado makes a point to show very specific talent that signifies fortune, luxury, and class.

Keep in mind that brand ethos videos don’t have to involve high paid celebrities. There are lesser paid celebrity endorsements that can be equally satisfying to the consumer audience if they content is created with the right tone and underlying appeal. An endorser that isn’t a celebrity star can still add character, and value, to your video. 

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For example, take commercials that are created for stores like Walmart, a shopping mall, or other retail establishments. Naturally, Walmart wouldn’t be very appealing to its target audience if it was endorsed by an ultra-rich celebrity. That just wouldn’t build credibility for the store to Walmart’s target audience. But, what if Walmart had actual shoppers endorse the store in its commercials? Now we’re talking! Brand ethos videos don’t always include celebrity endorsements, sometimes they can include shopper endorsements from REAL, LIVE shoppers.

The point here is that brand ethos videos are going to make your brand stand out if the representative that is speaking for your brand is credible to the target audience. As long as your viewers trust your brand, and the representative that’s on camera for your brand, it doesn’t really matter who you choose for a commercial.  Even a solid group of shoppers that fit the target audience’s description of credible and trustworthy could potentially be your next big representatives for the brand ethos videos you create.

Brand ethos videos give your business the power to stand out and make a strong, memorable impression for your audience while creating credibility for your brand. For help producing brand ethos videos that are going to make your brand stand out, give Beverly Boy Productions a call!

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