6 Brand Video Marketing Options to Expand Your Business

6 Brand Video Marketing Options to Expand Your Business

Different types of branded videos can be used throughout your marketing campaigns to improve audience awareness and boost the overall representation of your business. For business owners that are new to the use of video as part of their marketing and advertising campaigns, the entire process of incorporating different types of video into their overall strategy can be complicated and hard to wrap their heads around. That’s why we recommend that you consider these various types of videos to add to your brand video marketing strategy for success.

The various types of brand video marketing that you execute for your business can directly influence your brand’s success. If you want to expand your business, consider these top types of videos that you can add to your brand video marketing strategy.

  1. Customer Testimonial Videos

Highlighting the customer satisfaction with your brand is a great way to begin to expand audience awareness for your business. These types of videos also improve audience trust driving conversions which can ultimately result in a substantial increase in your business’s ROI. 

You have many options when it comes to producing customer testimonials. Brand video marketing at this stage may include the use of various techniques such as interviewing, client highlights, and problem solving insights that provide social proof to your audience increasing visibility for your brand.

  1. Corporate Culture Videos

Showing a target audience what your brand is like and how you operate from the inside will boost the level of employee representation for your brand. Consider the use of corporate culture videos to drive prospective employee trust in your brand and to generate a level of admiration among prospective new employees.

Putting your company under the chopping block might initially seem like a scary thing to do, but  if your brand is real, and you’ve got a strong corporate culture, you’ll find that producing corporate culture videos will almost certainly provide increased audience visibility for your business that results in expansion of your brand.

  1. Explainer Videos

One of the most influential brand video marketing techniques that you can employ to expand your business is the use of explainer videos. Explainer video content provides visual explanations of your products and services, solutions to situations that your audience might struggle with or need help with, and a wide variety of other content subjects relative to your brand. These short, engaging videos are generally part of a variety of topics covered in your overall brand video marketing and advertising strategy. 

  1. Brand Story Videos

Sharing your brand’s story is another way that you can influence a target audience and grow your business. Brand story videos highlight the details of your brand sharing the history behind your business. This is your opportunity to share with your audience:

  • What your brand is about.
  • Why you started a brand.
  • What influenced you to create your brand.
  • Who is behind your brand.
  • What’s most important about your brand.
  • Why you’re the best person to run your brand.
  • What struggles your brand has dealt with.
  • What the core values of your brand are.
  • Who represents your brand.
  • What makes your brand authentic.

With a brand story video, your audience sees how your brand was created to solve the problems that they have. This is a great way to personalize your brand and build a strong sense of connection among those

  1. Product or Service Demo Videos

Producing a product or service demonstration video is a great way to market your brand. Brand video marketing techniques that involve the use of product or service demo videos can go as far as helping your audience:

  • Learn how your products or services work.
  • Learn how your products or services should be used.
  • Learn how to get the most out of your products or services.
  • Learn how to utilize hidden features of your products or services.
  • Learn how to maximize efficiency of your products or services.

There are many opportunities to grow your business and to increase satisfaction among consumers if you know what goes into the process.

  1. Case Study Videos

Producing a case study video that highlights unique insights between your brand and a client that you’ve worked with can help consumers to resonate with your brand. These videos are a bit longer than the others but they also provide a lot more in-depth detail. Brand video marketing techniques that involve the use of case study videos show your audience how your products or services solve problems and help them. This builds trust among the audience while personalizing your brand and helping more people to resonate with your offer.

Want to learn more about brand video marketing steps or tactics that you can employ to expand your business? Beverly Boy Productions can help you generate higher sales, increased leads and improved audience awareness. Give us a call to learn about how we’ll put our more than two decades of experience to work for your business as we employ brand video marketing tactics that are incredibly powerful for your brand. 

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