Pros and Cons of an AI Generated Film Script

The use of artificial intelligence has captured many by surprise. Nearly no industry has been left unturned when it comes to the use of artificial intelligence to streamline processes, introduce new ideas, or otherwise change the way things are done. The film industry has experienced significant impacts by the introduction of artificial intelligence, too. Particularly, where script writing is involved. As such, many wonder: Can an AI generated script or screenplay really take the place of an expert script writer?

The short answer is: No. 

However, in a more detailed approach to examining how AI generated film scripts can potentially be used in the film industry, we found that there are actually pros and cons to utilizing artificial intelligence to assist in the process of writing a screenplay or video script. In fact, some may argue that artificial intelligence is actually becoming an increasingly important tool throughout the film industry, but there are caveats to the overuse or misuse of AI in film production. 

How Artificial Intelligence is Used in Film Script Writing

The use of AI to streamline the screenwriting process isn’t as new or unheard of as you may think. In fact, many expert film production companies have been utilizing artificial intelligence to their advantage for several years and continue to navigate day-to-day operations with the support and assistance of various AI tools. 

Professional video production companies may use artificial intelligence to assist in the creation of content, but ask any expert film script writer if they think AI is going to take their spot and they’ll tell you that AI is absolutely not a replacement for a professional screenwriter. In fact, AI is not used for the entire script writing process but it can be used to speed the script writing process up, to improve research and to increase screenwriter productivity. 

Pros of AI Generated Film Scripts

As a business owner that’s looking for a cheap or quick way to create content, it could be tempting to turn to artificial intelligence. It certainly may seem like you could save time, improve your ability to create more consistently, and deliver more fully to your audience if you allow artificial intelligence into your day-to-day processes. There are actually some pros to utilizing artificial intelligence when writing a film script, especially if you’re new to the process or you’re low on time.

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Even experts in the film industry have been known to test the waters with AI generated script writing, although probably not to the extent that you may think. Although AI generated scripts certainly require a human touch in order for them to be valuable to the producer, there are a variety of ways in which AI can be used throughout the script writing process – not just to write the script, but to edit, analyze, and research. 

AI generated film scripts could have the following potential benefits for some creators (but note that overuse, or misuse of AI is almost certainly not going to be beneficial for you or your video project!):

  • Increased speed in script writing. AI script writing can actually speed up the creativity process and is helpful for things like creating a story outline, researching character archetypes, writing loglines, or summarizing an existing script to create a synopsis, treatment or outline.
  • Increased research speed. AI can be used to research a wide range of concepts and topics, which can then be utilized in the script writing process. For example, you can tell an AI tool to provide you with a list of movies or tv shows that fit a specific genre or have certain characters, or you could turn to AI for a list of local hotels or restaurants to help you understand the elements of a particular place that you’d like to include in your script. 
  • Improved grammar and spelling. AI algorithms can be used to study a film script not only to check for grammar or spelling issues, but also to find underlying questions that still need to be answered in the story or to make potential suggestions as to the improvement of various elements of the story. 

The most important considerations when using AI to generate film scripts 

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Cons of AI Generated Film Scripts

In script writing, artificial intelligence is used to assist screenwriters with the creation of strong stories that impact their audiences, but that’s not to say that expert filmmakers are turning to AI to do their jobs in full! In fact, read any ai generated film script that hasn’t had the hands of an expert editor and screenwriter review it first, and you’re certain to notice some glaring issues. Artificial intelligence can be used to assist the screenwriting process, but the following issues should prevent you from relying on 100% AI generated film scripts:

  • Lack of creativity and originality. AI scripts can only really regurgitate what’s already been said before so unless you’re adding in your own twists, turns, and ideas then your story is probably not going to be what it could be if an expert screenwriter had produced it.
  • Lack of human emotion understanding and experiences. AI doesn’t understand how we connect emotionally with the world and therefore cannot make the connection between various human emotions and experiences that literally breathe life into your film.
  • Potentially reinforced stereotypes and biases that won’t settle well with your audience. AI bases everything it writes off of what it can find in the database it is built with. Therefore, the potential for stereotypes, biases, and other particularly unwanted connections can be included in your film if you allow artificial intelligence to lead the way. 

There are, of course, many other cons that come along with the decision to rely on artificial intelligence to do all of the heavy lifting in your script writing. Your films can easily lack depth and complexity that most audiences crave when they watch video content. AI simply cannot replace your own intuition, creativity, inspiration and unique ability to connect with other humans because it is not human!

Benefits of Expert Film Script Writing

At Beverly Boy Productions we take script writing very seriously and will never deliver a script that has been produced fully by AI. While we’re aware of the benefits of AI generated film scripts, we’re even more aware of the value behind professional scriptwriting and we want to make you aware of that value too! An expert script writer can:

  • Place emphasis on the emotional elements of a story that will draw your audience in and connect deeply with them.
  • Create stories that emphasize real human connection.
  • Introduce unique views and insights into a story that a regurgitated AI tool simply cannot provide. 
  • Personalize your script so that it meets the unique vision and goals of your brand.

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