Expert Video Production Trumps AI Video Production – Every Time!

In comparing the benefits and potential outcomes of AI video production versus expert video production by a human, we believe that expert film production with a human touch is going to trump AI video production – every time! At Beverly Boy Productions, we’re aware of the benefits of artificial intelligence and we even use some AI tools throughout the production process, but as with any good thing – moderation is key!

Perhaps you’ve heard about AI video production and its potential benefits? If you’re new to the concept, here’s a refresher on what AI is and how it impacts video production: 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a type of neural learning or machine learning that seeks to solve problems that it has never been formally trained on, similar to the way a human can. In film, AI is used to automate various tasks and to help filmmakers save time on things like film script writing, pre-production planning, during production on camera movements and lighting adjustments, or during post-production on editing tasks and for marketing too. In fact, there’s really no end to the types of tasks that AI can accomplish with a little input from humans.

Sounds like AI is great, right? 

The reality is, AI video production does have a lot of potential and there are benefits. But it’s not all beneficial. In fact, there are some key drawbacks that come along with AI in film production if not for the lack of expertise the computer or machine learning has, for the lack of a human touch that a computer simply cannot provide. 

That’s why we’re here to argue that expert video production trumps AI video production – Every time!

Benefits & Drawbacks of AI Video Production

There are some potential benefits of AI video production, so we’ll go into those first. AI can be used to de-age actors, quickly and with just a few clicks. In fact, saving time is one of the greatest advantages for a machine learning program. However, AI is not capable of understanding why actors age, how their age may influence their thoughts and decisions, or what intuition an actor or character may have as a result of their age – these are all things that only a human is capable of.

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AI video production may have the benefit of being faster overall, but anytime there is a benefit, there must be a consequence that goes along with it. In this case, the efficiency that AI video production provides is counteracted by lack of detail, unique creativity, and emotional value that AI provides. In short, AI videos simply do not possess the same level of character connection, empathy, or emotion that a character, storyline, or video produced by a human can provide simply because computers are incapable of empathy, emotion, or these human connections.

Benefits of Expert Video Production

While you might be tempted to turn to AI to create a video, write a script, or otherwise perform video production tasks that are essential to growing your brand, it’s important that you consider the risks involved. A computer cannot connect with your audience, will not understand your brand, and does not possess the intuition that a human will when you deliver key concepts about your story idea, plot, or characters. Only a human video production professional will be capable of all of these important driving factors that are key to the success of your video.

In fact, there are many benefits to hiring an expert video production company to create your content rather than turning to AI video production. As much as you might like the idea of “saving time” or “saving money” by having a computer do the work for you, consider these benefits of hiring a professional video production team like Beverly Boy Productions:

  • Human produced videos have the capacity to connect deeply, emotionally and with empathy for your target audience which will help your audience connect with your brand.
  • Human produced videos create key concepts and connections that your audience will understand. For instance, they use figures, and language that is indirect to portray empathy, emotion or intuition. These are things that add life to your storyline and make your plot more engaging to your viewer.
  • Human produced videos are more creative because they utilize the creativity of the production team that is filming them. AI video production does not have the capacity to be uniquely creative, because they regurgitate data that is based on past learning or input.

While there may be a place for AI video production in some instances or industries, the importance of a human touch even for an Ai produced script, screenplay, or video concept simply cannot be underestimated. Only an expert video production company, run by real people with real experiences and real emotions, can deliver the kind of engaging and emotionally connecting content that your brand needs to fulfill audience demand.

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Ready to get started with your next video? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call to learn more about our video production experts and the steps we’ll take to be sure that your video production project surpasses any AI video production project imaginable.

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