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Quick Tips for Sparking Creativity in Filmmaking

The creative side of our brains is like any other muscle. You actively work it out and it will function better. So how do you keep creativity alive when you’re busy making films each and everyday? These quick tips for sparking creativity in filmmaking will help you keep the creative energy flowing in all the right ways.

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Daily Creative Habits

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The first step is to instill daily creative habits. You can’t just expect the creative ideas to come to you without work. The tasks and habits that you instill in yourself now will result in great creativity later.

To instill creative habits, consider the following actions:

Take time out alone to think.

Let your mind wander. Daydream. Don’t let worldly distractions prevent you from letting creativity come out.

Brainstorm your thoughts.

Take time out each day to brainstorm. Consider a set topic or theme and just write down as many thoughts as you can about it in a few minutes. Set a timer and let your mind wander to all the great things that the topic could expand on.

Point and shoot.

Bring your camera with you when you go out and about each day. Take shots of the things that inspire you. This way you can review the footage later on and use it to your creative advantage. The footage may be great for creatively defining a film scene or characters of a set later on.

Write a Short story every day.

Devote time every day to writing a short story. It doesn’t have to be several pages long. It can be a few short sentences. The point is to create a story, complete with character, plot, and twist that includes a beginning, middle and end. Use that to build your creative energy later.

Find Creative Concepts

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Outside of the daily habits that can be used to spark your creativity, you can always be on the lookout for creative concepts for new films. As you consider the various things occurring around you, take time to active consider how each could be conceptualized into a film.

Concepts are all around you, consider looking:

At the work of other creators.

How can you expand on what others are doing? What about literary work? Is there a great story to be told by film there?

At historical research.

There is tons of history just waiting to come alive with film. This doesn’t necessarily mean you copy a historical event into a story. However, you can use rich elements of history to spark your creativity and create a story that uses history as a basis for the overall concept.

Outside your comfort zone.

There are tons of opportunities to create films that will excite a wide audience if you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone to plan. Challenge yourself to do something unusual and use this to your creative advantage.

Ultimately, the steps you take to spark creativity now can make a lasting difference in the number of ideas that you have to work with when you sit down to write a screenplay or plan a shoot. These quick tips for sparking creativity in filmmaking are just some basic starting points. For creative filmmaking help, call Beverly Boy Productions at 888-462-7808 today.

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