6 Benefits of Webcasting You May Have Overlooked (1)

6 Benefits of Webcasting You May Have Overlooked

Whether you’re considering webcasting an upcoming event, or meeting, chance are webcasting has been on your mind. Changes in corporate culture and the public environment have caused a surge in webcasting protocols. Many companies and brands are now looking to webcasting as a new means of delivering content and engaging experiences for consumers. If you’re on the fence about webcasting, and still trying to decide if it’s the right choice for your event, consider these 6 benefits of webcasting that you may have overlooked. 

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#1. Customized Design 

Did you know that Beverly Boy Productions can help you produce a webcasting event that includes a customized design that matches your brand? You can have your own ‘skin’ that showcases your brand logo, colors, graphics and text to accommodate your webcasted event. This helps the viewer to feel more connected to your brand and keeps the business side of things fresh in their minds. 

#2. Live Chat 

Webcasting features a live chat option in which you can interact with your audience while the webcast takes place. A production crew can help you appropriately implement the webcasting live chat feature so that you can get the most out of the webcasted event. Basically, live chat can increase real time engagement between you and your audience. 

Social media feeds that include webcasting events are often immediate inundated with comments. Bringing those comments into the live feed for immediate interaction represents a great way for brands to further interact with consumers and dive deeper into personal connections with the audience. 

#3. Action & Reaction 

Webcasting allows for a two way communication with your audience in which you are able to deliver a complex video action sequence to them and they can react. This is great for Question and Answer polls to take place. If you’re really looking to learn more about how your audience feels about your event, a webcast is the ideal opportunity to get immediate updates on the reactions of your audience. 

Brands that use webcasting for their events are seeing improved user experience and deeper customer relationships. Both of these can result in higher conversions for your brand. 

#4. Ongoing Video Content 

Webcasted events are recorded. So if you’re having trouble coming up with new video content for your brand, a webcasted event is an excellent opportunity for you to capture some new content. Engaging video content that is recorded during the webcast can be used for a wide variety of different things. Repurpose your webcast for use on social media, on your website, or in your news feeds. 

Webcasted events can even be written about in blogs or shared on your Youtube channel. If you’re feeling like you don’t know how to repurpose your webcasted event, give Beverly Boy Productions a call to discuss live event webcasting and the repurposing of your content. We’ll give you some ideas to work with. 

Consider using your webcasted even for your future marketing initiatives. You can attract more viewers and show them what your past audience enjoyed about the webcast. It’s a great way to market and promote your brand. 

#5. Stay In Charge of Your Audience 

You no longer have to share your audience with a television station or radio brand. Live webcasting events allow you to capture your audience’s attention directly on your site, and keep them engaged. Distribute your content to your audience in a way that makes sense to your brand — not in a way that is required by a cable provider. You’ll find that you can do more with your webcasted content than if you were to budget for a commercial or similar recording experience. 

The good news is, Beverly Boy Productions is highly skilled at producing top quality webcasted events from scratch. SO even if you’re not sure where to go from here, we can help. 


#6. Save Time & Money 

Think a webcast is going to cost a fortune? Think about how much you would spend on a live event. Space rental. Venue. Ticketing. Security. Vendors. It all costs money. And preparing something like this can take months. When you put together a webcasted event, you can expect to save time and money. The entire event can be scheduled in a matter of weeks not months and there are no hidden fees. 

Contact Beverly Boy Productions to learn more about event webcasting. If you’re wondering if you should switch your live event to a webcast, consider these benefits and the several other potential benefits that come from shifting to a webcasted event. You’ll be happy to know that the change is welcomed and well worth the effort.

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