Quick Video Campaign Planning Tips

Quick Video Campaign Planning Tips

A successful video campaign is a well-planned and thought out campaign. If you’re new to video production for your business or you’ve not had much success in the past with your videos, it’s possible that the issue lies in the campaign planning.

To get the most out of the video content that is produced, follow these quick video campaign planning tips and tricks. By the end, you’ll be a pro at planning and executing video campaigns that will drive your business success.

Determine Who Your Audience Is

First and foremost, before you can ever plan even a single second of video you need to determine the audience. The initial few seconds of your content will make or break your video.

So you need to make sure you’ve targeted the content to your audience. Who is it that you are trying to reach? What is it that they like? How can you capture their attention?

 How can You Reach Your Audience? 

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Every different persona in marketing is different. Think about how personas all react when you build your content campaign. A video campaign must focus on in-depth understanding of how your target persona will react to your content.

What drives their decision making? What is their communication preference? How and when will you reach your target audience? This must be the key consideration before you create any video campaign.

 How Can You Make Sure Your Audience Sees Your Content? 

A great video campaign is nothing if the audience never sees it! How will you make sure that you create video content that will be seen by your target audience?

Whether you choose a specific delivery method (such as a blog, email, YouTube, Facebook or other option) or you consider a specific keyword (such as a money or branded term), these facts must be defined before you create your video campaign.

Look at your top advertising channels and consider how you can use video in those areas. That’s where you audience lives!

How Will You Move Consumers Down Your Sales Funnel? 

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If you are not familiar with a sales funnel, stop! You need to learn that first! However, most are familiar with a marketing funnel or a sales funnel. You should know that your video campaign will be promoting content to the user at a set stage of the funnel.

Whether at the beginning where they are just gaining awareness of their problem and your product or further down where they are making a purchase decision — you need to have a plan on how your video campaign will move consumers down the marketing funnel toward conversions.

Videos that fail to drive consumer action will not drive conversions — and will fail to make you money.

Need help figuring all of this out? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call to learn how you can put these quick video campaign planning tips to work for your targeted content. We’ll help you produce the outcomes you want — just give us a call!

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