Video Campaign Best Practices: 5 Tips for Success

Video Campaign Best Practices: 5 Tips for Success

Video campaigns offer an excellent opportunity for businesses to generate leads and grow the reach for their business. The most effective video campaigns have the potential to deliver compelling, branded content to a broader audience producing captivating results. However, just like print media marketing, the best video campaigns follow a set of best practices that ensure their success. These 5 tips for success will guide you to success with your next video campaign.

Capturing a Beauty Commercial

Capturing a Beauty Commercial

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1. Define the Audience

Just as you would define the audience for a blog post or a marketing ad that you deliver in print, you must also define the audience for your video. Before you create a video, make sure that you determine the appropriate audience that you wish the video to be seen by. Your audience may be a specific set of customers, maybe they are your employees, or they may even be prospective employees.

In defining the audience, make sure you have taken steps to understand the audience and what makes them motivated. If you’re selling a product, and your audience is prospective customers, you should know what their needs are and how your product will help them. The more refined your audience is, and the more you do to understand the audience, the greater your success will be with your video campaign as you work to deliver content that directly resonates with your audience.

2. Keep it Short & to the Point

The best video campaigns are delivered in a short, sweet, and to the point manner. The first few seconds of your video ad will make or break the entire video campaign. If you capture the audience’s attention right away, GREAT! If not, bummer.

Keeping content short and getting to the point quickly at the beginning of the video will ensure viewers stick around. Deliver your call to action early on to guarantee the widest audience sees what the intent of the video is. Keeping ads no longer than 30 seconds in length is a best practice that ensures the maximum number of people will view and remain engaged. Longer ads often backfire and don’t perform nearly as well.

3. Remarket to Targeted Audiences

Video campaigns that get delivered to targeted audiences that are defined by remarketing lists tend to perform best. You can create remarketed lists in various manners depending on things like, whether the individual has been to your website before, whether they purchased from you already, or some other element to define the audience. The content you target to these remarketed lists is based on behaviors that the list members already took part in the past.

Remarketing helps you to keep your business and brand fresh in the minds of the consumer. Promoting video content to remarketing lists is a great way to turn those lists of people into customers successfully.

4. Use Voice Over

Two things are important here. 1 – you should prepare your video content as if it will not be heard if you intend to deliver it on social media. 2 – use a voice over to ad life to the material for those that DO hear it. So, for instance, your video will likely be kept silent. Therefore you want great images and quality flow that keeps the audience visually engaged. However, you want the voice-over to add a comforting and welcoming aspect to the content that delivers audibly what you are already achieving visually.

5. A/B Test Video Content

Video campaigns that perform best are often those that have even the smallest elements A/B tested for success. You may A/B test the title, the opening scene, the colors of text or graphics, or the call to action. You can even A/B test your video intro, the associated text that describes your video, or any other feature you think of. The goal of A/B testing your video campaigns is to determine which element your audience responds best to and slowly, but surely, keeping the elements that deliver the best response and doing away with those that do not elicit the desired or best response. Repeat the cycle until you have produced a video that is precisely what your audience will respond to.

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