23 Places to Find a Local Videographer in Bloomington, MN

Hunting for a local videographer in Bloomington? While it might appear challenging at first, Bloomington is teeming with high-quality videographers available for a multitude of support roles for your venture. Whether you have a long-term partnership in mind or a single project, our list introduces you to the crème de la crème of Bloomington’s videography scene, serving not only the city but the broader Minnesota area.


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How Do I Find a Local Videographer in Bloomington?

Seeking a videographer in Minnesota who can aid with everything from influential marketing video content, relatable customer testimonials, immersive product demonstrations, engaging tutorials, or even documentary or live event production is all about understanding your requirements. A professional Bloomington videographer brings to the table a wealth of knowledge, finesse, and unwavering professionalism for any endeavor. While hiring a professional is the ideal route, scouting for that impeccable videographer possessing all the prerequisites for a triumphant project can be intricate.

Whether you’re seeking ENG or EFP crew in 55431, a seasoned camera operator who can lead you to Bloomington’s most visually stunning locations, or someone to cover a multi-day event capturing every moment live, you’re in the right place. This guide is designed to ease your search for the perfect local videographer in Bloomington. Let’s dive right in!

1. Beverly Boy Productions

Our list is replete with choices, but let’s begin with the elite: Beverly Boy Productions! Our passion for our craft is evident in the superior quality we deliver. Engaging with Beverly Boy Productions paves the way for effortless hiring of a Bloomington videographer. We boast years of experience and offer thoroughly screened local Bloomington film crews with in-depth city knowledge. Our crew ensures top-tier results from the get-go. Just ring our team, converse about your vision, and set the ball rolling. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!


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2. Reddit for Hire

Reddit, predominantly known for its diverse discussion threads, also features a “for hire” segment. Tracking down Bloomington videographers via Reddit For Hire is a breeze. Post a concise description of your project, and in no time, you’ll witness numerous users proposing their expertise. With a user base in the millions, there’s a good chance a local “Redditor” fits the bill for your videography needs.


On PeoplePerHour, navigating to a Bloomington videographer offering their expertise at a fixed hourly rate becomes hassle-free. Define your requirements, and freelancers will pitch their proposals. Aided by its AI, the platform aligns top freelancers with suitable tasks, ensuring you get prompt professional bids for your project. The next steps are clear-cut – select the apt Bloomington freelancer, deposit an initial amount, and finalize the payment upon completion.

4. Facebook

Facebook stands out as an optimal platform to locate local videographers apt for diverse project types. Boasting billions of global users, finding a proficient video team in Bloomington, MN, is as straightforward as a few clicks. Employ Facebook Marketplace to connect with freelancers who are poised to provide the videography services matching your project’s specifics!

5. Personal Recommendations

One of the most reliable methods to identify local Bloomington videographers is by tapping into your network – both professional and personal. The probability is high that someone you know has engaged with a Bloomington videography expert. Acquiring a videographer becomes infinitely simpler when you’re aware they come stamped with the approval of someone you trust.

6. is a purpose-built platform specifically designed to list videographers in Bloomington, MN and connect media professionals with businesses seeking their expertise. Spanning across the United States and Canada, locating a local videographer is just a few clicks away. This niche platform simplifies the search for Bloomington videographers. Just select your state, choose Bloomington, MN, find the best fit, and kickstart your project with a professional.


Spanning globally with numerous video production professionals, is your go-to if you’re scouting for a videographer in Bloomington, MN. The Mandy Network boasts a vast community of experts including actors, videographers, and other production specialists. Linking with countless creatives through this extensive entertainment industry network becomes straightforward.

8. Bloomington Chamber of Commerce

Reaching out to the Bloomington Chamber of Commerce can streamline your videographer search. They can guide you towards the right professionals in the industry. With the Chamber of Commerce at your side, it’s easy to find the experts you require, precisely when you need them.

9. Upwork

Upwork, with its 145K active clients spanning 180 countries, is the perfect hub for identifying a videographer tailored to your preferences. Options abound! Post your requirement and await bids or sift through potential candidates and invite the perfect one. Given Upwork’s global scale, discovering a Bloomington-based videographer becomes a cinch.

10. Craigslist

While not the most trusted source, gems are often unearthed on Craigslist. With dedicated “pages” for numerous U.S. cities, users can post or scour through job listings. This makes locating videographers in Bloomington, MN straightforward.

11. Linkedin

LinkedIn, a bustling hub for professionals and freelancers across industries, is the spot to hire a Bloomington videographer for your cinematic projects. With LinkedIn, expanding your network and cementing business ties becomes both productive and enjoyable.

12. Instagram

As a global platform, Instagram stands as the perfect space to scout talent. Simply peruse posts and profiles, seeking professionals who exhibit their skills. By leveraging hashtags like #Bloomingtonvideographer #Bloomingtoncameracrew and #setlife, you can effortlessly locate videography services in Bloomington. With over 1B users, Instagram’s popularity is undeniable.

13. Gigsalad 

Gigsalad is your all-in-one event planning platform. From videographers to actors, it’s a one-stop solution for your project. Secure a Bloomington videographer skilled in diverse production facets, all through Gigsalad.

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Conceptualized for freelancers, is a global marketplace originating from Australia. Established in 2009, it now houses over 20M users. It’s your one-stop destination for talents spanning from videography, editing, animation, and more.


Finding and hiring Bloomington videographers on is straightforward and cost-free. As a search engine that bridges sellers with buyers, if you’re scouting for a videographer, simply input your location. In no time, you’ll be linked with top-tier videography services ideal for your organization.

16. BNI Business Network International

A colossal network of professionals, BNI is a renowned American franchised networking association with over 270K members spanning more than 10K chapters in 70+ countries globally. To Find a Local Videographer via BNI, select your nearest chapter from the myriad available online and request membership.

17. The Knot 

The Knot makes discovering event videographers in Bloomington effortless. While the platform emphasizes weddings, it also houses videographers proficient in diverse projects. Besides, you can explore venues and additional services.

18. Wedding Wire 

Wedding Wire mirrors The Knot, tailoring to weddings and presenting a vast range of vendors and freelancers, including everything from videography to video editing. Connect with a Bloomington wedding videographer to obtain the precise footage for your undertaking, whatever its nature.


Simply Hired is a formidable job search platform spotlighting local videographers competent in corporate filmmaking to live events. With a treasure trove of industry experts, you’re set to encounter a multitude of professional Bloomington videographers eager to collaborate.

20. LocalGrapher

Among the premier spots to identify a Bloomington videographer, Localgrapher is teeming with regional photographers, videographers, and cinematographers who are the best in the business. Engage with adept creatives who possess the requisites for your venture. Entrust a local videographer to manage the intricate details, letting you concentrate on your enterprise.


With, orchestrating your event becomes a breeze. Eventective showcases a catalog of Bloomington videographers. The site also serves as a hub for other event specialists. Be it gauging Bloomington videographer rates, perusing reviews, or examining portfolios, pinpointing top-tier videographers on Eventective is as uncomplicated as sending an email or dialing a number. Initiate your business meeting, festivity, or grand event seamlessly with this platform.

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Locating Bloomington videographers on Thumbtack is a cinch. Input your service preference and postal code to unveil a myriad of choices. With a roster of over 250K professionals across varied domains and a user base of 25 million, securing unparalleled videography services in Bloomington becomes a walk in the park. Acquaint yourself with the unique offerings of videographers and their clientele’s feedback even before initiating a conversation.


Crafted for media professionals, Media Match is adorned with a videography database boasting 161K+ media pros and over 100K media corporations eager to liaise with clients. With its global footprint, your needs are met, irrespective of location. Effortlessly Find a Local Videographer in Bloomington and stay updated with industry dynamics simultaneously.

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