Videography in Education: The Importance of Creativity Development

Discover how videography can enhance learning and promote creativity within students. See how this technology can improve learning and check out the top programs for video creation.

Video Creation Can Affect Creativity

Whether teachers are presenting information in a classroom or students are completing a project or assignment, videography can play a pivotal role in creative development.

Video creation can be a great teaching tool and it is proven to boost creativity levels in all ages.

At Beverly Boy Productions, we specialize in the production of videos and we know it takes a skilled crew and special equipment to make the magic happen.

No matter what stage of education an individual is at, videography can provide new information, enhance skills, and provide a new way for students to express ideas or develop new concepts.

An assignment to create a video will require creativity. Throughout the process, students will learn how to effectively communicate ideas and concepts through the use of video.

Benefits of Videography

Video in a classroom setting has become one of the most powerful tools to help engage students and improve their creativity.

Videography in education is attractive to students, and with a combination of speech and images, it is easier for teachers to get the point across.

With modern technology being implemented in classrooms, videography is playing a major role in the learning experience.

The use of video provides benefits to both teachers as well as students.

Studies that have been conducted show that teachers strongly believe that this improves the overall learning experience.

Videography can even assist those that seek out online help.

If you are assigned writing tasks on a specific topic, referring to videos can provide detailed information that can be used to create a perfectly written assignment.

Instead of relying on text, this offers a faster and easier way for students to grasp concepts and learn the material.

In the past, those that we’re faced with challenging assignments would turn to writing services for help. Now, with the ability to learn through video instruction, students can visually learn and be better able to creatively complete assignments.

Some of the great benefits to implementing video in any educational setting include:

  • Creation of sensory experiences
  • Easy to access resources that can be watched anywhere
  • Knowledge retention is increased
  • Helps with learning any subject
  • Increases engagement among students
  • Teachers can better facilitate remote learning

Top 5 Video Creation Software

A video creation tool is a powerful thing for teachers to have and it can provide many benefits to students studying many different subjects.

If you are enrolled in a videography course or just want to create slideshows for a school project, here are some of the top software options available.

Students will find that these tools offer a great array of features that can be used to demonstrate learning or simply express creativity.


For students that are studying filmmaking, iMovie is a powerful tool for iOS users. With this, users can create video slideshows or full-length movies.

The software features various templates where you just add photos, music, or videos to create a film.

It is completely free and offers many special effects like speed control, greenscreen, and picture in picture.


When it comes to popular software for video creation, WeVideo is at the top of the list. It can be used on a PC or through an app and provides access to advanced features.

Such as slow-motion, picture in picture, and greenscreen. Finished videos can then be downloaded to any computer or you can embed them on webpages, share links, or even share to social media accounts.

With no software to download, this is a great tool for enhancing creativity development through video creation.


A loom is a nice option for those that require screencasting. You can narrate a video recording of the screen and this is a great way to create material for video-making lectures for college courses.

Verified students and teachers can use the Loom Pro Education version for free, offering an unlimited number of videos that are 45 minutes in length or less.


Animoto is perfect for making a video with music. This app is web-based or available on iOS devices and it is a free service when a standard account is created.

Offering fast and easy navigation and tools, users can simply add photos and clips to create slideshows. Unlimited student accounts are available, so this is a great option for using video in education.


Quik is one of the top software options for mobile users. There is also a desktop app available for download. With Quik, short videos can be created for free.

The software is very easy to use, making it a perfect option for younger students. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices with no in-app purchases required.

Simply select photos and allow the app to put them together using a specified theme. Users can edit music and the overall look of any video.


The use of video in any classroom setting has been proven to improve retention, increase social interactions, and boost creativity levels.

Instead of requiring a written paper or essay, videography opens a door to a new way of presenting material and demonstrating knowledge.

It also allows professors to offer creative project ideas for college students, no matter what they are studying.

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