Video Production for Manufactured Home Dealers

Higher than average access to credit following COVID-19 and low interest rates largely fueled growth in the manufactured home dealers industry resulting in an increase of 5.6% revenue year over year bringing this industry to $8.4 billion and growing. Fed adjustments, and an effort to bring down inflation in 2022, would cause interest rates to rise substantially higher than expected, putting the brakes on manufactured home dealer growth at least for a short period of time. However, growth will continue, all be it slowly, and savvy brands will turn to marketing to keep their profits flowing. Video Production for Manufactured Home Dealers includes a heavy focus on growing consumer awareness & increasing audience acceptance of the value behind manufactured housing while aiming to outshine any stereotypes that may otherwise hinder the success of this industry.

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Manufactured home dealers can benefit from a variety of concepts & creative opportunities in video marketing & advertising, just as long as they’re not focusing too much effort on things that are less likely to convert like low quality website content, less than visible digital campaigns, or the “if we build it, they will come,” attitude that so many manufactured home businesses believe in. Failure to focus on reputation management, organic rankings & traffic, social media growth, and the importance of professional video marketing & advertising campaigns for your manufactured home dealership business can result in substantial losses that are both unnecessary and unwarranted.

Beverly Boy Productions offers many different expert services in Video Production for Manufactured Home Dealers that are focused on generating awareness, building up consumer confidence, and driving revenue through sales. Ask us about our video marketing initiatives that can be used to assist your manufactured home dealership business in generating new audience insights, boosting sales conversions & increasing revenue that is important to growing your brand.

Promotional Videos for Manufactured Home Dealers

Promotional Video Production for Manufactured Home Dealers can increase the potential for sales & revenue growth in your business by increasing audience recognition of your business, driving consumer connections and encouraging community interaction with your business. Like other real estate businesses, the sale of manufactured homes is increased tremendously with promotional video content. In fact, listings that include video receive up to 403% more inquiries than those without!


Think of promotional videos as the first impression that your manufactured home dealership is going to make with the target audience. They’re ideal for lead generation, awareness building, sales promotions, and growth!

Marketing Videos for Manufactured Home Dealers

The National Association of Realtors mentions that 36% of consumers utilize video as an informative source when they’re performing a search ahead of purchasing a home.  Marketing videos are key to influencing this audience of potential home-buyers in order to generate connections that can lead to sales & revenue growth for your manufactured home dealership brand.

In fact, marketing videos can help your manufactured home sales skyrocket because they:

  • Generate up to 1200% higher social shares than text or image along.
  • Increase landing page conversion by 80% or more.
  • Increase email click through rates by between 200 and 300% or more.
  • Improve close rate by 103% or more over non-video initiatives.

Marketing videos can be used to teach your target audience about the various features & unique elements of a manufactured or modular home, they’re great for sharing details about the safety or underlying benefits of choosing to purchase a manufactured home, and they can be used to offer key insights into the value behind a manufactured home purchase compared to the purchase of other single-family housing options.

Training Videos for Manufactured Home Dealers

A variety of specific training opportunities exist in the manufactured home dealer industry. When new employees are hired, training is essential to growth, but there’s not always a lot of time or money to invest in the training outcomes.

Training videos, especially expert training videos that represent your brand, are essential to building up employee commitment & knowledge that will allow them to be key members of your business that can ultimately contribute to the growth of your manufactured home dealership brand. Employees love training videos because they are accessible & flexible, but as a business owner, you’ll appreciate the value of video training because it is a one-and-done expense that provides consistency across your business and can be used again-and-again! We’re sure you’ll be satisfied with video-based training if it’s something you decide to incorporate into the operations of your manufactured home dealership brand.

 Interview Videos for Manufactured Home Dealers

Modular home dealers are tasked with building trust & commitment among the target audience in order to increase their sales volume, but in an industry as competitive as the housing market, it can be increasingly difficult to gain consumer trust. Expert interviews, not only with your own internal team, but with other members of the real estate market such as mortgage lenders, construction crews, architects, and members of the local community can improve consumer outlooks on your business and help them to feel more comfortable with your brand.

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Beverly Boy Productions offers many different services in Video Production for Manufactured Home Dealers including the production of expert interview videos that can help consumers feel more at ease with their decision to trust in your manufactured home brand & to gain confidence that is conducive to them ultimately making a purchase from your business that results in positive sales revenue. Ask us how we can help you grow your manufactured home dealership brand!

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