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Landscaping services have experienced a boom thanks to rising per capita incomes, boosts in the economy, and increased residential and nonresidential construction throughout the U.S. This $129 billion dollar industry is responsible for keeping residential and commercial public spaces primed and pruned by providing tree and shrubbery trimming, planting, and grass maintenance including mowing and weed control services. Video Production for Landscaping Services includes a focus on growing audience recognition & awareness, increasing leads through marketing & promotions, and providing consistent training to newly hired landscape team members and staff.

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For the 633K landscaping businesses operating across the country, one of the largest forces behind uncertainty in work is not so much the economy, but the weather. Many businesses face slow periods during winter, rainy months, or periods of inclement weather when working outdoors is simply not safe or just not ideal.

Beverly Boy Productions works closely with landscaping professionals to create expert video content that will create a consistent brand message for the provider, boost community awareness, and drive industry specific growth for landscaping businesses. As aging populations rise, the total number of home-owners increases, and the total number of commercial properties expands, so too will the number of landscaping services providers that are mowing lawns, trimming trees, and maintaining public yards and spaces. Video production will help fuel further growth for many of these brands.

Promotional Videos for Landscaping Services

Landscaping services use promotional videos to promote their services and the unique features behind their offers to clients and customers in their general region. Many landscaping services will turn to promotional videos to:

• Create a strong visual voice for the brand online and drive increased community awareness.
• Boost landscaping service appointments and generate up to 66% more landscaping leads each year.
• Increase social media sharing across Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram.
• Communicate features, services, and advice to clients.


Promoting your business with video can increase leads, boost revenue for your landscaping services brand, and ultimately result in a boost in total ROI generated through your marketing efforts.

Marketing Videos for Landscaping Services

Marketing Video Production for Landscaping Services can help prospective customers find your business through various approaches and techniques. Whether you’re sharing educational videos that represent the different types of shrubs or grasses offered by your team for installation, or you’re promoting a particular insecticide that will help customers achieve stronger, healthier lawns, marketing videos are a great way to provide your target audience with visual content that will help them resonate with your business and connect with your brand.

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In fact, marketing videos are essential for landscapers because they:

• Humanize the business and build trust among your community.
• Can be used to back up important ideas or concepts that are integral to generate landscaping deals.
• Boost conversions among your target audience increasing the total number of sales generated by your landscaping team.
• Increase community engagement with your landscaping services business to generate more leads and higher revenue.

According to recent studies, 72% of consumers actually prefer to learn about a product or service through video, and up to 84% have been convinced to purchase a product or service as a result of video that represents a brand. If you’re not using marketing videos for your landscaping services business, you could be missing a huge audience, and you’re almost certainly losing revenue.

Training Videos for Landscaping Services

Landscaping services providers deal with significant turnover rates for a number of reasons. Landscaping isn’t an “easy” job; it’s very labor-intense, and therefore requires bare essential training for new employees to feel like they can achieve their goals within the team. Training Video Production for Landscaping Services can help you to:

• Reduce employee turnover.
• Improve employee knowledge & satisfaction.
• Limit total training time and reduce the resources required to train new employees.
• Improve training outcomes.


Video-based training is flexible, easy to access, and always available making it a preferred method of training for new employees, and since it will save money & time over traditional in-person training programs, most employers appreciate this style of training, too.

Interview Videos for Landscaping Services

As a landscaping professional, building up community trust for your business is essential to generating additional leads & appointments. Expert interview videos that represent the professionals on your team, and allow them to share their knowledge & expertise can help consumers feel more comfortable with making the decision to have you provide landscaping and lawn services for their property or home.

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In fact, interview Video Production for Landscaping Services can translate into more client leads, increased sales, and higher overall conversions for your business. Use interviews to build audience awareness, increase their interest in the services you provide, and show them that you are a trustworthy services provider that can help them to achieve their landscaping goals.

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