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Celebrity & sports agents are part of a growing $13 billion dollar industry that represents sports figures, celebrity actors & actresses, models and creative artists. While the industry was impacted by COVID-19 and widespread closures across entertainment venues, production sets, and businesses, growth is anticipated over the next several years as events stabilize and demand for industry agents grows. Video Production for Celebrity & Sports Agents is essential to growing a portfolio of prospective clients that can ultimately generate revenue for the agent himself.

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Fans love video and the celebrities that an agent needs to market themselves to in order to encourage the contracting of services are equally amazed by an agent that can share in-depth stories, personal insights, and essential skills through video. At Beverly Boy Productions we offer a wide range of expert video production services that are ideal for celebrity & sports agents to build their reputation, increase their following, and most important, to generate client leads.

Promotional Videos for Celebrity & Sports Agents

Sports agents can garner a lot from a few short, engaging promotional videos. Not only do promotional videos increase audience reach & attention, they can be used to achieve a variety of behavioral outcomes otherwise known as conversions. In fact, conversion-focused promotional Video Production for Celebrity & Sports Agents is one of the most impactful methods of generating:

  • Conversions on landing pages & corporate websites.
  • Increased leads via email and social media.
  • Higher overall audience interest in the various services or offers you provide.

Promotional videos can be distributed via email where the use of video can help you to achieve up to 300% higher click through rate or they can be posted on social media, your landing pages, or on your own corporate website as well as on third-party websites, too.

Marketing Videos for Celebrity & Sports Agents

Marketing Video Production for Celebrity & Sports Agents can have several key benefits above and beyond those that promotional videos can have because marketing videos can be used at every major stage of the sales funnel. Whether you’re looking to share your skills & expertise with a specific audience in an effort to increase awareness around yourself as an agent or you’re more interested in providing audience education that will turn into leads & sales, there’s a marketing video style that can help you grow your celebrity or sports reputation agency or brand.


Consider the use of marketing videos to:

  • Add a personalized touch to your website and share key insights about your services or skills.
  • Increase your social media reach. Videos generate up to 1200% more shares than non-video posts.
  • Engage viewers and make them feel more emotionally connected to you.
  • Recruit more prospective clients that are in various stages of or at various levels of celebrity status.
  • Deliver fresh, unique messaging that your audience actually prefers. 59% of executives actually prefer video over text based content.

Whether you’re a sports agent or a professional actor, there’s a marketing video that you can use to entertain your audience, educate them about your services and skills, and ultimately boost your revenue.

Training Videos for Celebrity & Sports Agents

Although acting as an individual agent may not lead to a heavy need for employee-side training, there are several ways that training Video Production for Celebrity & Sports Agents can be a valuable consideration. For instance:

  • Training videos can be used to deliver essential training for your clients to assist them with navigating your contract or communication schedules.
  • Training videos can be used to athlete management to assist athletes with understanding the processes and procedures that are utilized by the agent.
  • Training videos can be used to teach & train your clients’ responsibilities that are essential to your working relationship.

With a little creativity, and the desire to solve everyday problems that you face with teaching your clients how to perform various tasks associated with your business relationship, expert training videos can deliver true value for you or your agency.

Interview Videos for Celebrity & Sports Agents

Showcasing your expertise is an integral aspect of securing clients for yourself as a celebrity & sports agent. Expert interview Video Production for Celebrity & Sports Agents is a valuable method of delivering your message to prospective clients or to engage existing clients and build credibility for yourself. By sharing the important skills, experience, and expertise that you can offer to your target market, you can build audience trust and boost the overall level of confidence that your audience will have in you to deliver on your role.


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Ask Team Beverly Boy about the methods you can use to engage your target market with video and the steps that you should be taking to get yourself started. Our expert services in Video Production for Celebrity & Sports Agents will assist you with the growth of your agency or independent brand.

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