Top List of Gear to Invest In as a Freelance Filmmaker

Top List of Gear to Invest In as a Freelance Filmmaker

Working filmmakers need essential gear in order to produce project that capture the audience. But, before you can even think about producing a film, there’s lenses and stabilizers, cameras and various accessories needed just to make a basic production come together. The equipment and gear you invest in now could make all the difference in your career later on. Here’s a top list of gear to invest in as a freelance filmmaker.

Camera Gear

Any freelance film production specialist knows that a camera is essential to production. In fact, you just need a camera. Doesn’t have to be any particular camera, a DSLR is ideal. Just make sure you have a camera to work with!


Now that you have a camera, digital filmmaking equipment is needed to produce the best shots. Consider lenses essential filmmaking equipment for your list. You’ll need a telephoto 70-200 mm f/2.8 lens to get started. Several options exist including various Canon lenses that will help you to capture events such as parties, weddings and corporate interviews. This is a must!

You’ll also want to invest in a wide angle lens. Consider an eleven to sixteen or a sixteen to thirty-five for optimal versatility. Wide angle lenses can help you capture things like real estate video and event venue coverage.

Stabilizer Gear

Next you’ll need stabilizers to help you get the most out of your freelance filmmaking efforts. Get a gimbal first. This piece of equipment will offer maximum versatility allowing you to produce a wide range of shots that mimic Steadicam and slider-style productions.


As you build your gear up for freelance filmmaking you should also consider tripods as a must have essential. While the tripod has been around for seemingly forever, in filmmaking they have no bounds. They last forever, offer plenty of versatility, and are required for time lapse shooting, interviews and special events.


You may not NEED a drone, but you should want one! If budget allows, consider a drone that will allow you to capture footage that can be used for a wide range of production needs. Freelance filmmakers with drones are often able to provide real estate footage and other essential coverage that cannot be captured from the ground.

What else would you add to the top list of gear to invest in as a freelance filmmaker?

Shane Harder uploaded a great video talking about the best gear to invest in if you’re on a budget:

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