Top 5 Video Post Production Services for FIlm Distribution

Top 5 Video Post Production Services for Film Distribution

Video post production services represent the last few stages or steps before your video project crosses the finish line and is ready for distribution. Whether you intend to distribute your video content to a small audience of your peers or a massive, worldwide audience, video post production services including editing, special effects, and the addition of color correction are what finalize your video so that you can share it with your audience knowing that it’s top quality — the best of the best. If you’re not sure if video post production services are really necessary, think again. Here’s what you need to know.

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1  Post Production Video Editing

First and foremost, post production services are focused on editing your video content in preparation for distribution to a wide audience of onlookers. Editing in post production is vital! Here an editor will select the appropriate clips and footage from all of your shoots and arrange it in the appropriate order to tell the story. A post production editor prepares your video for the real world.

2  Color Correction in Post Production

Post production color correction is a stage of editing that involves adjusting the color of your footage so that all of the different clips align and there is never sense that the clips were filmed on different days or at different times of the day. The goal of color correction is to make the film appears as if it were all captures at the exact same time of the day, with exactly the same number of clouds in the sky, and exactly the same amount of light and color depth. 

3  Adding Visual Effects

Post production services like the addition of visual effects are sometimes overlooked because those of us that are not real familiar with production processes think, “Didn’t we already DO special effects?” However, don’t get special effects (which take place during production) confused with visual effects (which take place in post).

The addition of visual effects in post production may include the use of green-screen to alter film backgrounds or scenes, or adding in images, text or other elements that were unable to be show at the original time of production. Computer Generated Images, CGI, represents the most common type of visual effects added in post production.

4  Animations in Post Production

Animations are commonly used in film post production to deliver complex visual representations of content that would otherwise be difficult to understand. Not all post production services will include animations, and not all video or film projects need the addition of animations. Your post production services company will be able to help you decide whether animations are a necessary element in post production editing for your project.


5 Film Distribution

Finally, the very last step and the final post production services that will be used to help your film project succeed — film distribution.  Video distribution isn’t always included in the post production services that are outlined in your contract, so make sure you’re aware of whether this will (or will not) be included for you. If distribution is included, discuss where your film will be distributed and how long distribution is expected to take. It’s important to be fully aware of streaming services, social media platforms, and any other distribution channels that your production company may intend to use for your film.

Ready to hire a team to help you put video post production services in order so that you can distribute your film to the world? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call. We’ll help you get started with the appropriate post production services needed for the success of your project.

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