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Best Post Production Visual Film Effects

Ever wondered how visual effects are used in post production? Filmmaking is an intricate balance of pre-production planning, production, and post production efforts. Video editing provides several opportunities to produce powerful visual film effects in post production. We’re showing you the best post production visual film effects that bring stories to life.

Visual effects that are used in post production can result in powerful augmentation of the original footage. Many post production elements are the highlight of the video. Follow along for information about each post production VFX process.

Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)

Computer Generated Imagery is one of the most common post production visual effects in filmmaking. This includes the creation of computer generated images that are added to films in post production. In some films, entire situations or characters are made from CGI effects.

CGI can also be used to touch up prosthetic makeup in post production to produce powerful effects. We see this when prosthetic makeup artists use a model that is converted into a CGI model which is later adjusted through motion capture and animation.

Color Correction

Color correction is an important element of post production visual effects. The process involves reviewing the color of the entire film and altering the video footage so that shadows or changes in lighting or balance are eliminated. Color correction produces a video with total congruity. This effect is often used to change the mood of a video simply by adjusting the colors.

Particle Simulation

To create realistic visual effects in post production editing, particle simulation is often used. This includes digital data manipulation that results in powerful visual effects.

Motion Tracking

3D motion tracking combines physical and computer applications to produce animations. This visual effect is often used as a means of stabilizing shots on a daily basis through complex multi-point track rendering and 3D camera solutions.

Matte Painting

Although matte painting no longer involves actual paint, the process is still used in large scale productions to bring life to the footage. This post production visual effect involves the use of digital mattes to create powerful visual changes to the footage.

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