Timelines from Top Video Editing Production Companies

Timelines from Top Video Editing Production Companies

A video editing timeline sets the foundation for the amount of time and the processes for which will be involved in editing footage for final distribution cuts. When you’re working with the top video editing production companies, understanding the timelines that they set can be challenging if you’re not familiar with the video editing process. You’ve probably worked with a production company and thought — WHY is editing so slow? What takes so long? Here’s what kind of timelines you can expect when working with video editing production companies.

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Video Editing Process


The video editing process varies from one video editing company to the next, but generally production companies will follow these steps in editing videos:

  • Footage captured, logged, and ordered for editing.
  • Audio and visual syncs take place so that the editor has what is needed to get started.
  • Editor produces what is called the “Rough Cut” or the first draft of footage & audio combined.
  • Editor works to fine tune the rough cut and a “Fine Cut” is produced.
  • Fine cut is manipulated, polished, and finalized to the “Final Cut.”

The final cut is what is sent out for production.

Why Do Video Editing Production Companies Take So Long?

So what is it that takes so long when editing your footage? Why does a 3 minute video take all day to edit? How come a 20 minute case study is going to take upwards of two weeks in editing? These are all valid questions that often come as you shift from the relatively fast paced phases of pre-production and production into the slower, time consuming phases of post-production. 

Video editing production companies require extensive time in editing your film because there are many different steps, stages, and tasks that go into each phase of the editing process that was previously listed above. Additionally, certain factors may further increase the amount of time it takes to edit footage. 

editing video on computer

Videos that include extensive graphics, or elaborate camera switches and multiple movements around the room for each scene will certainly take longer to appropriate put together and finalize than a simple 2 camera interview in which there are only 2 possible shots of footage to choose from. 

LIkewise, if the shoot included several retakes and a lot of supplementary footage, there will be longer time spent in editing. Video editing production companies must allocate between 1 and 10 hours on average per minute of video to be edited. If you think your corporate video is taking a while to edit, consider some of the top movies that include extensive graphics and require 10 or more hours per minute of video created — now THAT”S a lot of editing time!

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