Making Manufacturing Safety Videos

Making Manufacturing Safety Videos 

If you work in the manufacturing business, you know that safety is a major element of the training process. There are safety hazards all around you and if you’re not sure what to look for, you’re likely to get hurt. Big businesses, and small brands are turning to safety training videos to teach team members about potential dangers in their organizations without requiring face-to-face interactions. Here’s how making manufacturing safety videos will help you to reduce organizational accidents, injury and potential emergencies while you keep your entire team trained and up to date.

 Safety Hard Hat

Employee Safety Orientation Videos 

The first step to establishing manufacturing safety videos in the workplace is to create employee safety orientation videos that will get the entire team on board with the training processes and procedures. These videos should outline the basic training topics that all employees must know and provide detailed information on how employees are expected to learn the safety procedures that are expected of them on the job. Beverly Boy Productions can help you make manufacturing safety videos for orientation that will engage your employees and keep them interested. In fact, training videos are more likely to result in long-term skills understanding and your team will be more likely to remember what they learn than if you were to just hand them a booklet. 

Workplace Safety Training Videos 

Workplace safety training videos are another form of manufacturing safety videos that should be included in your safety training modules. Workplace safety training videos will outline things like personal protective equipment, safe processes at work, proper forklift use, crane safety, equipment safety, and safety around the warehouse. Depending on your manufacturing business, the utilization of workplace manufacturing safety videos will likely be something that you make available to employees at all times via your intranet or your website. Teach employees how to operate in the manufacturing business safely so that you can limit injuries and potential emergencies. 

Safety Violations Videos 

You may also consider creating safety violations videos. These are short easy to digest videos that outline potential safety violations, the consequences, and the appropriate resolutions. Consider mankind manufacturing safety videos that show potential violations that you can share on your social media pages for ongoing employee safety training. These videos can address things like Hazmat safety, exposure 

risks, safe handling of equipment, safe procedures, decontamination procedures, and transportation guidelines. Adjust the content to make it most valuable for your manufacturing business. 

Accident & Emergency Training Videos 

Finally, accident and emergency training videos represent another form of manufacturing safety videos that you can create for your team to learn about procedures that they should understand should an accident or potential emergency arise. Consider topics like fall safety, back safety, lifting safety, slip and fall procedures, spill and mess cleanups, proper housekeeping, and emergency procedures. Delivering this training via manufacturing safety videos will help your team to stay abreast of the potential workplace hazards and the appropriate solutions while they’re on the job. 

Need help creating manufacturing safety videos for your team? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call. 

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