4 Types of Employee Safety Training Videos that Engage Workers

Workplace safety videos help to keep employees and customers within the business safe. In most cases, some level of employee safety training is required for compliance with OSHA (The Occupational Safety and Health Administration). In particularly dangerous industries, such as commercial construction, employee safety training videos can literally save lives. But, in order for these videos to be effective, they must be engaging. 

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We’re showing you 4 types of employee safety training videos that engage workers while they learn safe protocols for operating within your business.

1. Humorous Video Content that States the Obvious in an Engaging Manner

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Sometimes, the obvious still must be stated in order for a safety video to be in compliance with OSHA standards. So, if you must restate the obvious, instead of doing so in a way that leaves your workers bored and frustrated with the fact that they have to watch a video that isn’t really telling them something new, how about delivering the content in a humorous manner?

Safety certainly is not an issue to take lightly, but when stating the obvious, a little humor will go a long way in engaging the workers and keeping them interested in the content being delivered.

Statistically, laughter keeps viewers engaged and helps them to recall facts. So, the next time you need to state the obvious, consider a little humor to help you out!

2. Interactive Training Videos for Workers

Various tools exist now to create interactive training videos that allow workers to take part in various steps that guide them through various safety hazards and situations. Interactive training videos for workers keep the viewers engaged and interested in the content.

Instead of a video that simply takes the user through the safety hazard scenario, how about a video that is made up of various layers of interactions from which users can resonate with and choose from in order to see how their choices play out in the scenario.

This will help workers to see the consequences of the wrong choice as well as to see how making the right choice places them and others into a safer scenario.

Interactive video content that emulates real life safety hazards and the direct correlation between incorrect choices and the consequences that come as a result will stick with the audience. This type of content improves recall and results in safer practices in real life.

3. Add Video Game Elements to Your Training

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Another option to engage workers with employee safety training is to include a level of video game style interaction that allows employees to play out different scenarios.

This is a relatively new means of delivering safety training but seems to have several benefits associated with increased engagement, stronger recall and improved recognition of what to do (and what not to do) in a hazardous situation.

Keep Employees Engaged

With this option, employees watch safety training videos and the engage in various activities after watching to determine how much of the content they remember.

Employees complete training modules or quizzes, or they can be challenged to go a particular number of days without a safety incident report. Rewards are provided to those that win or achieve highest ratings.

4. Employee Safety Training Webinars

Webinars are another engaging employee safety training option that can be used in the workforce. With a webinar, employee safety training is delivered via camera to a computer screen or mobile device. Webinars allow employees to interact with one another, or with the webinar speaker, during the training.

These types of videos may include industry experts that deliver engaging details on occupational safety or who tell stories of past safety hazards and the challenges faced in overcoming them. The idea is to help employees continue to learn and follow along with the training that they receive as they interact with others in the industry.

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