How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Bakersfield, California Video Production Company?

Maybe you are in the dark regarding How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Bakersfield, California Video Production Company? Most business owners regard Professional Video production services in Bakersfield, California among the most superior marketing tools today. They engage your target audience, are easily processed, not to mention highly entertaining. Do you know that 68% of consumers would love to know about products or services via short videos instead of articles or other ways? No business hoping to succeed can underestimate Video marketing. Regardless of what you have in mind from; affordable, inexpensive, cheap or high quality video production in Bakersfield, California, your business can soar to great heights. 

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When making the best Video content for your business, it is done by considering the intended audience. For instance, a firm launching its newest product may resort to publish a live stream video. Also, another firm may turn to social media videos by posting high-definition promotional videos to market their services. Our services are also available in Oildale, Lamont, Arvin, and Shafter.

For those searching for Bakersfield, California video companies, there is a wide array of choices. We utilize various video production methods to get new customers and make old ones want to stay. When all has been said and done, a top-quality Bakersfield, California video production company will generate top-notch content that matches your firm’s goals and long-term plans.

Bakersfield, California Video Production Rates

The kind of video you settle for and its duration will determine how much you’ll cough up. Keep in mind that Bakersfield, California video production rates will differ hinged on the video’s duration and the production services used in its creation.

Do you know what corporate explainer videos are? Companies use them in making clients understand concepts, correct misconceptions and generally giving a brief but detailed description about your intended message. As a business, you should hire a video production company in Bakersfield, California to make an explainer video that identifies a gap and how your services or products are the answer to the problem. We also serve Oildale, Lamont, Arvin, and Shafter. 

To bring forth the magic of explainer videos, there are at least 5 services that are required, namely, storyboard/animatics, audio balancing, scriptwriting, editing/design, and voiceovers. Taking into consideration these services that are critical in the production process, the price of a 60-second video cannot be the same as the cost of a 5-minute video. In addition, the equipment used in making explainer videos is different from the ones used in customer or employee testimonials videos. Basically, Video production rates in Bakersfield, California will rest on the length and type of video you settle for.

Bakersfield, California Video Production Costs

Despite the fact that it’s usual to be charged half day and full day rates, to make it easier for you, we have compiled per-hour prices for you to consult when budgeting for your video. Production prices are also on the table when you have a meeting with a video production company. (Remember, we provide free quotes!)

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Bakersfield, California Production company Pricing Sheet:

   • Video Director: $22/hour to $252/hour
   • Script Writer/Marketer: $62/hour to $152/hour
   • Video Editor:$64/hour to $172/hour
   • Cameramen:$24/hour to $405/hour
   • Actors/Presenters:$55/hour to $505/hour
   • Narrators/Voiceovers:$102 to $402
   • Equipment:$28/hour to $100’s/hour
   • Studio Shooting:$105/hour to $410/hour
   • B-Roll:10% to 50% addition to shooting costs
   • Audio Files:$38 to $1,000
   • Video Rendering:$35/hour to $80/hour
   • ‘Miscellaneous Fees’:$100 to $1000’s

Hiring the Right Bakersfield, California Video Company

How Much Does It Cost to hire a Bakersfield, California Video Production Company? In most cases, the price range for video production can range from $1000 and run to $5000 per completed minute. With this range, you can have a rough idea on where to start when budgeting for your videos. Our services are also available in Edison and Bakersfield.


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Hiring the right video company can prove very challenging. Thankfully, professional video production companies don’t have to be overly expensive. Beverly Boy Productions is your best bet for excellent videos that will make your business a cut from the rest. In all the stages (pre-production, production, and post-production), we’ll be there to hold your hand and give you the confidence that you are hiring the Right Bakersfield, California Video Company.

Different types of video production services:

   • Camera crews
   • TV commercial production
   • Corporate video
   • Product videos      
   • Live streaming
   • Testimonial videos
   • Television broadcast 
   • Internet video production
   • Event videography
   • B-Roll

How Much Does It Cost to hire a Bakersfield, California Video Production Company? For additional information and to get a Bakersfield, California video production quote, we’re just a phone call away. With years of experience under our belts, Team Beverly Boy will give you a rate card, so that you can know the prices. Send us an RFQ or RFP and we will send you the appropriate numbers. Get in touch with us today!

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